Empires of the Undergrowth – 4.1 Cold Blood Insane Tips (Fire Ant Update)

I’m playing on my insane only formicarium and determined to stay true to it.

Tips to Beat 4.1 Cold Blood

  1. The free hatch ants I found to be more useful than the hatch boost ants since they save you so much food and numbers are key to being able to cross those bridges
  2. If you’re lucky with the enemy spawns, the aphid plant directly south of your nest (near the little black ants) are completely enemy free and you can immediately send your ants over and steal the aphids
  3. This tip is the one that I found to really help me. During the transition between day and night, most of the map gets cleared of enemies and you can send your ants to the pine cone with no worries. By the time the bombardier beetles come out my ants usually have finished harvesting and is heading back to the nest. This should yield you about 200-300 food which is game changing.
  4. Do not dig out the big space south of your nest where the large amount of unguarded food lay. If you do, the entire amphibian association will appear and ruin your day (Those dwarf frogs are so cute but damn is their aoe attack op).
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