Empires of the Undergrowth – How to Beat 4.2 A Bridge Too Far (Medium)

Strategy Tips to 4.2 A Bridge Too Far Medium

Upgrading does matter imo and you should do it early.

Whether it contributes to the bar or not doesn’t matter (pretty sure it does but not checked), having strong ants and the bonus 2nd ant at tier 3 will allow you to fight off most creatures and more easily form the bridges to various resources.

General strategy I find is start with a small number of workers (5 or so) and clear out immediately around the nest.

Switch to soldiers early and go for all the easy gains in the immediate vicinity around you underground.

Once you have a small force of soldiers, go above ground and look for easy ones.

There is a pine cone to the east and check for any islands you can bridge to, particularly ones with aphids.

I think the aphids on islands before the first rise are virtually impossible to reach so wouldn’t both with them.

Also later you can raid the other ant nest, I suggest do this ASAP as it gives huge resources when you defeat it.

You can also come back after the water rises twice more by another route to take anything that was left over so don’t worry if you couldn’t clear it out the first time you can reach it.

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  1. Ok great you beat it on medium. Now tell me how to do hard. After failing 40 times on hard then easily breaking through on medium it pisses me off that you have this guide for medium as though that matters. Easiest damn thing iv ever done is beat this on medium. Hard is about 100x harder than medium. So stfu

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