Fall Guys – Steam Deck Configuration Guide (Fullscreen Fix)

Includes EasyAntiCheat setup and a fix that forces the game to run at native 16:10 aspect ratio.

Running the Game


First, install the game as you normally would with any steam game.

*Additionally, you need to search for and install “Proton EasyAntiCheat Runtime” on Steam.


With the default proton installation on SteamOS, Fall Guys fails to launch. A fix for this is to install the community built “Proton-GE”.

  • Switch to desktop mode (hold power button and press Switch to Desktop
  • Open “Discover” from the start menu
  • Search for and install ProtonUp-Qt
  • Launch ProtonUp-Qt from the start menu
  • Click “Add version” and install GE-Proton7-21
    • NOTE: later versions of proton-ge cause stuttering and fps drops, the developers recommended staying on GE-Proton7-21 for now.
  • Once it’s done installing, return to Gaming Mode and go to the Fall Guys page in your library
  • Click settings and go to Properties… > Compatibility
  • Select “Force the use of a specific Steam Play compatibility tool
  • Choose GE-Proton7-21

And now you can play Fall Guys as you normally would! Go to the troubleshooting section if you’re still having issues. I’d also recommend setting the Select button to [Shift+F3] to open the Epic Games overlay.

Fullscreen Fix

The game has some trouble detecting the 16:10 aspect ratio display on the Steam Deck, so you can edit some text files to force the game to run at 1280x800p

  • Launch desktop mode & download GHex from the Discovery store
  • In desktop mode – open steam & go to Fall Guys
  • Click the settings icon & go to Manage > Browse local files
  • Look for “unityplayer.dll” & hover over it, then click the left trackpad & click “open with” & search for GHex [it’s under the development tab]
  • Click the search icon on the top right & search for “39 8E E3 3F” & replace it with “CD CC CC 3F” for BOTH INSTANCES [click “find next” after replacing the first one & also replace the second]
  • Click the save icon on the top right and close
  • Switch back to gaming mode & launch the game, it should be fixed

If It Is Still Not Fixed: Open Fall Guys & go to the in-game video settings and change the resolution to 1280×800, apply that & you’re done.


EasyAntiCheat error in the main menu of Fall Guys

  • Make sure you installed “Proton EasyAntiCheat Runtime on Steam.

Stuck on EasyAntiCheat loading screen when first launching Fall Guys

  • Try using GE-Proton7-15 when first setting up the game, then switch to GE-Proton7-21 once you get everything working (version 21 includes a patch to prevent random crashes).

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