Escape the Backrooms – Definitive Monsters Guide

Please note: all credit goes to F0SK!

No photos for even more spoilers than what I’ll tell you. This guide will tell you about every monster and how to beat it + what they do. Hope I helped.

Ultimate Guide to Monsters


Howlers are find in level 0 and they are tall with human and demonic shape.

If you are infront of them or near they will start running. They may seem that are running a lot faster than you, but actually they are kinda slow. To escape him or not be chased you have to run and find a corner after some more walls and if you don’t want to be chased you have to always look left and right after going in a corner or in a middle of the room. After 1minute and 30 seconds it’s when they start showing. From 4minutes they are a lot agressive and they will teleport faster in other locations. When they teleport they will make a sound. Like a vent beeing closed.


Smilers are found in level unhabitable zone and they appear only when there is absolute dark near them. They have a strange shape like a demonic dog, but mostly you can see just their face. To escape them you have to stay in the light from the hallways with doors. Now when the lights come back on if you want to go to the next hallway you have to sprint 2 seconds then walk a little bit and then run to escape and get to the hallway.

Light Head

Light head is a tall lamp… But the way to escape from him and go to the next level is simple. Just run. The best way to run is by running 2 or some seconds and then wait a litlle bit and then go back to running. At some point you will have to enter a non-lighted hallway but the game will automatically give you a lantern. You don’t have to press anything. After more running a music will start playing and you will now be able to look behind and see the monster, but when that happens you will have unlimited stamina so you will have to run until you find the door that has party lights when you are close.


Partygoers are found in level fun and they are marshmello but yellow, holding a ballon. If they see you in front of them or you don’t stay on crouch when you are near them they’ll start a chase. To hide from the chase you have to hide below a table. Now there are a lot of parts that are hard in this level and require a lot of brain, but after you finish it the level is very easy, but I’ll not tell you how to do it. At some point you will be in a big room with some arcades and a lot of partygoers. Now after you understand how to get to the hallway that is in that room a chase will automatically be started, but you will have unlimited stamina and that means you will run until you find the way out of there.

Unknown Entity

This entity kills you after 5 seconds of your screen in level poolrooms beeing like a very old tv and you can’t see them or know their name, but the only way to get killed by them is to go in a complete dark room. After you find a room with something strange, but not scary (not telling you what to not spoil more things) you will see a door and that is your way out.

Partygoers and Smilers

Partygoers and smilers are found in level run for your life and to escape them you have to run through the hallway and avoid obstacles. You have unlimited stamina and you can run forever. The level is simple and after a few tries you can finish it. Btw before you run into that hallway you can see the partygoers and smilers locked in some rooms.

Unknown Entity

In the level the end you will be welcomed by a demon shape that looks a lot like smilers but doesn’t have a face and it can’t see you. They can hear you so you better stay crouched and they can hear when you pick a tape. After you pick all tapes you have to turn on the tv and the monster will leave. You have to wait and then you pass the level. The end is easy after some tries and experiments of how to beat it.

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