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Franchising Guide

What Even Is Franchising

When you first start playing this feature will be locked. Once you unlock it (how to will be described in the next step) you can continue on with a save once you get past day 15 with your franchise! You will get to keep some cards and try to get to day 15 again!

How to Franchise

To unlock it you have to play and complete at least 15 days (the ones after are called overtime days, they are optional). After you’ve done this when you return to the main lobby you will see that the room next to your practice kitchen has been unlocked. Go in there and click the table that says “no franchise selected”, then select the save you just played, and simply head down to the office and choose a floorplan! Then you head on in the same way you did the first time. If you lose your franchise you cannot recover it from the first 15 days you completed.


You franchised! Nice! Now be careful and don’t let your ego get too big as if you fail while in a franchise you will lose it forever! Good luck plateupians and have fun with your franchise!

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