Esports Godfather – How to Win Almost Every Game

Here is the line-up I’m using which absolutely destroys everything…

Perfect Victories Almost Every Game

  • Top scales in teamfight.
  • Jun hard ganks.
  • Mid doesn’t fight (except with Elemi) on map but destroy dragons teamfight.
  • Adc simply scales, give every herald buff to Bajie as he’s passive makes crit really good on him.
  • Sup tanks the first round on his own enabling free damage from your team.

AoE + Xiangxi Ke creates massive attack resets. Peter can heal himself and buff allies before forcing fights early. Elimi is good for blind drafting as I can play her Mid or Adc.

I did the whole game with that comp only adapting as new heroes came, got killed a total of 10 times (mostly Peter having to tank too much early or mid getting ganked). 100% Dragon winrate, 100% First Tower (Bot or Top due to easy push).

My hardest game was the last one when they managed to ban 3 of my champs during the 3rd map of finals and I only lost 2 turrets. Trust me, the comp is broken

Hero Pool:

  • Top: Wolfgang, Bart
  • Jun: Xiangxi Ke, Zealot, Mo
  • Mid: Enidi, Niels, Elemi
  • Adc: Bajie, Elemi, Gang
  • Sup: Peter, Palulu, Fatty White
Volodymyr Azimoff
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