Essays on Empathy – Supercontinent LTD Walkthrough

Simple walkthrough for Supercontinent Ltd story line. Warning! Spoilers!

Supercontinent Ltd Storyline Guide

You might want to write down the numbers for this to make it easier on yourself. Its my first guide sorry if its worded weirdly.

First thing you want to do is inspect everything in the room. You will find two numbers from the items around you and one number painted backwards on the window that one comes last. Once you talk to Ferguson and the Tech office you will need to call the number on the window.


You will need to call Vega to get Barbara voice to trick Ferguson to telling you his password. Once you have that you can talk to the Tech office and get more info there. You will get Clydes number 555677623 talk to him and you’ll learn theres a phone safe hidden in the office you are in.

Call back Clyde using Barbara voice to learn more about his job. Talk to Vega to get some more info about Clyde. Call the Tech office to get help to get into the safe.

You then call Barbara to get half the code from her. The other half is hidden in the office. Use the code to open the safe (201621175).

You’ll get the number you need to deal for the bomb. Give it a call and see what happens. Hint the safe can help you.

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