Timberborn – Starting Tips

Decided to make a guide for timberborn and share some things ive learned from playing quite a bit.

Tips for Starters

A dam piece blocks water off up to .7 of a block, a 1 high floodgate can only do .5 and .1, so dam pieces are better for storing water in 1 blocks high areas.

In some cases you can put one after another to regulate flow better but its not needed most the time.

Its best utilized for smaller canals where you might need to have constant flow without the water running too low but when youll also need to make sure you have enough water stored up during droughts.

Once again, not needed most of the time, and i am heavily agaisnt micro managment, but its a better idea than just placing an entire line of floodgates in an area that desperately needs to be full of water (looking at you Kibitz).

Dont build too many things at once in the beginning. If you run out of wood and other basic resources right away youre done for, get at least one water pump, one berry gatherer, one tree harvester.

Dam off at least in the shortest cross section you can and also the furthest away from your district you can go.

So you can store the maximum amount of water right off the bat, build farmhouse, lumber mill and preferably a water wheel but a power wheel works fine too.

Build forester, plant some pines but mostly maples. They take a while to grow but are more efficient numerically but youll need some wood fast too so dont go all out on maples

After that you should be mostly safe but you gotta make sure to build housing for folktails 100% of the time or else you wont get new beavers, ironteeth need breeding pods but you wont have them right away.

Speaking of ironteeth, it goes mostly the same way, however unlike the folktails, instead of housing youll need a breeding pod and a constant supply of berries and water, housing can wait, automation is first, always.

So make sure youre growing enough (with the forester, dont forget the gatherer flags too).

Now, this isnt 100% accurate, but the way i generally calculate how much breeding pods to build is, in the beggining, 1 for every 8 beavers, but with some of the life expectancy boosts you get with housing and food too i think.

I just count it as 10 or 11 for each breeding pod.

As for food? Who cares, build as much plots as you can, just leave some room for other buildings, diversifying the diets is a good idea too for even more boosts but just make sure you have a ton of carrots and then worry about making potatoes and bread and everything else as those will require more steps for production which include baking so youll need a steady supply of wood before then.

Try to keep the area around the main district a bit clear, maybe surround it by paths and try to clear at least one strip of 4 wide tile space so you can build a massive storage thing like, your districts reach is limited so verticality is your friend, staircases are generaly built like the second pic, storages are usually stacked like the top of third pic, the bottom ish right is more efficient but requires a lot more fiddling with stairs and gave me a lot of pain trying to figure out properly, and while you wont need this absurd amount of storage for a while and you could just build a lot of stuff on top of their own storage but future proofing here is everything.

My main districts storage, have some more efficient layouts in other parts but yeah.

Left side is 10×4 + stack of 8 behind, 48,000 units of storage total, about right side i dont need much more space for the time being but its 4 rows of 3 for another 12,000 storage capacity, i then also have some of my farms and wood production buildings built on top of or next to storage buildings.

While some people like to micro manage, imo its better to just make it so you can constantly sustain everything automatically, some people like to pause water pumps in the droughts, but instead of bothering with that just try and make it so your water storage is always full, the fuller it is, the longer itll last, the less often you need to pump.

The only thing i micro manage in my save which ive played on for the majority of my 55 hours (on steam) is reservoirs, though ive found ways to evade even that lol, by putting in a mechanical pump to the left here ive completly erased the need for occasionally letting more water in through where i marked the red crosses, though that might change when i finally build my mega dam further upstream which im still prepping for with 3 districts total, no pic yet but i will definitely try to maybe add in a YT link for when i eventually do a world tour thingy cuz i am quite proud of what ive done and how much time ive spent on all of it.

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