Isonzo – Rifleman Guide (Tips to Use as Support Class)

Why as rifleman you should be using the ammo box more often to help your team secure objectives and vision control.

How to Use Rifleman as Support Class

The Ammo Box and You

The ammo box is quite an under rated tool and so far in my game time I’ve hardly ever seen it utilized, empty machine guns and mortars abroad every game. The will bring you to the top of the leader board when used correctly.

Rifleman as a Backline Support

Usuaully you’d expect the average grunt rifleman to be at the brunt of the assault or defense and you wouldnt be wrong but with the right set up (ammobox and chaplain perk for 2x bandage) you can keep your team mates fully equipped and topped off on health reducing your teams ticket loss to stay on the offense for longer or to keep as many bodies on the defensive line for as long as possible. As for being in the back line your Ammo box can keep artillery pieces, mortars, and machine guns stocked off on ammo and my favorite part as an officer/mountaineer player, you can refill other players flares with almost no cooldown. Allowing your team to have almost full map vision if utilized by an active officer and mounts allowing for better use of gas/arty/aircorps.

Focusing on Support Over Kills

Sure you’re team will be down by one less rifleman shooting at the front but when you are running from end to end of the trench topping off machine guns and mortars and bandaging up and topping off flares and ammo you will notice your team performing better and the best part is, you rank up your class fast as ♥♥♥♥ and can top score with only like 10-15 kills scoring over players with 60 kills just by dropping ammo (you get roughly like 30-40 score for refilling mortars and such) So maybe go and try some John Basilone ammo runs out and see for yourself.

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