Eternal Evolution – Guild Hunt Guide (Boss Fight Tips)

How to Defeat…

Scythe Spider

Monster Type: Insectoid


  • The attack power of the Scythe Spider increases by 10% / 20% / 30% every 30 seconds.
  • The spider minions live in symbiosis with the Scythe Spider. When a spider minion takes damage, the Scythe Spider receives the same damage.
  • The Scythe Spider and its minions are immune to CC effects.


  • Sticky Web: Cover the battlefield with webs that reduce the AS of units on them for 8s. Cooldown: 18s
  • Toxic Spit: Inflicts 300% of ATK as DMG to enemies in a straight frontal line and apply a stack of Venom.
  • Venom: Inflict 50% of ATK as DMG every 1.5s for 6s. Cooldown: 13s
  • Rage Toxin: Within 8s after this skill is cast, if no spider minion receives direct DMG, the Scythe Spider casts Rage Toxin on all enemies.
  • Rage Toxin: Inflicts 1000% ATK as DMG, followed by 50% ATK as DMG per second for 6s. Cooldown: 16s
RequirementsAoE focused Heroes
PrototypesDominator: Dominant Nucleus
Tenacity: Ruler’s Ring
Englightenment: Revitalization Crystal > Flashpoint
GearBugmaster is preferable since the spiders are insectoids.
Realm is preferable for Energy heroes since the spiders are considered summons but no immortal Realm yet.
Play with Surge until Realm gets a tempered version.
Recommended HeroesDPS: Anpu, Jax, Amat, Sorvaley, Nordthion, Jaina, Dominic (ex30), Samael
Support: Purin / Fiona, Rez, Miranda, Masrani
Alternative HeroesDPS: Daniel, Falvea, Kain, Nagrama
Support: Serena
Best CompFront: Jax
Middle: Anpu, Amat
Back: Sorvaley, Purin

Gameplay Tips

  • Play on Manual.
  • Try to cast as many DOMINIC ultimates as you can after he does Perfect Kill.
  • This way you will have the Hagradon buff for the ultimate.
  • Pay attention to the skills of the heroes.
  • Some of them need to be in FRONT or MID row to reach all targets.
  • Purin has to be solo so she casts Silent Night on the boss.
  • If you play Jaina, she needs to be in Front Row.
  • This way she’ll hit all targets with Flood of Light.

Atlas Whale

Monster Type: Seabeast


  • The attack power of the Atlas Whale increases by 10% / 15% / 20% every 30 seconds.
  • The Atlas Whale is immune to CC effects.


  • Summon three layers of waves, each dealing 50% damage to all units. Cooldown: 18s
  • Water Pillar: A jet of water deals 400% damage to the target, prioritizing the farthest unit. When there are no targets in melee range, this ability is casted more frequently and the damage is higher. Cooldown: 4s
  • Deep Sea Shield: The whale receive 50 layers of shield for 8s. The damage they receive while the shield is present is decreased by 80%. A layer of shield is removed with each instance of damage taken.
  • If all layers are removed within the duration, the whale will fall into a weak state. In this state, the damage the whale receives increases with the number of attacks received; The faster you break the shield, the longer the weak state will last. Cooldown: 30s
RequirementsHeroes that can deal lots of hits in rapid succession.
CommanderHagradon > Gabal > Karmota > Samadi > Brynhild
PrototypesDominator: Eye of Annihilation > Chaos Chip > Dark Summit > Soaring Medallion
Tenacity: ANY
Englightenment: Revitalization Crystal > Flashpoint
GearGear that deals increased dmg to Sea Beasts doesn’t exist for now.
Unleashed / Zephyr are good options for Samael, Bailey Hudson, Rakkana, Hunters, and Muka.
Gluttony doesn’t have 200 AS boots so stick with Unleashed.
Recommended HeroesDPS: Dominic, Rickert, Theon
Support: Purin / Fiona, Rez, Masrani, Miranda
Alternative HeroesDPS: Nordthion, Rebecca, Emma, Riserris, Azena, Nadilus, Botmark, Muka, Sorietta.
Koraxia, Taylor, Rakkana
Support: Serena
Best CompFront: Rez
Middle: Rickert, Purin
Back: Dominic, Theon

Gameplay Tips

  • Play on Manual.
  • The faster you bring the shield down, the longer the boss will be stunned.
  • Save your highest hitting ultimates for when the multiplier is at its highest.
  • Dead Silence (SAM ultimate) increases the all C.DMG received by the target by 21%.
  • Wait for Dominic to do his Perfect Kill common skill and then use his Ultimate.
  • You want the ultimate to consume the +60% DMG HAGRADON buff.


Timings are based on the CD of Deep Sea Shield below the HP bar of the Boss.

(Before 1st Shield)

  • 17s – Dominic Ultimate (after perfect kill)
  • 15s – Purin Ultimate (after silent night)
  • 08s – Dominic Ultimate (after perfect kill)
  • 05s – Purin Ultimate
  • 00s – Dominic Ultimate (after perfect kill)

(1st Shield Phase)

  • 25s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 25s – Rez Ultimate
  • 25s – Purin Ultimate
  • 23s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 18s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 18s – Rez Ultimate
  • 16s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 13s – Purin Ultimate
  • 11s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 11s – Rickert Ultimate
  • 11s – Theon Ultimate
  • 10s – Dominic Ultimate

(Intermission 1)

  • 05s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 03s – Purin Ultimate

(2nd Shield Phase)

  • 23s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 23s – Rez Ultimate
  • 23s – Purin Ultimate
  • 20s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 14s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 13s – Purin Ultimate
  • 11s – Rickert Ultimate
  • 11s – Theon Ultimate
  • 10s – Rez Ultimate
  • 10s – Dominic Ultimate

(Intermission 2)

  • 03s – Dominic Ultimate

(3rd Shield Phase)

  • 26s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 26s – Rez Ultimate
  • 25s – Purin Ultimate
  • 21s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 17s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 16s – Purin Ultimate
  • 12s – Dominic Ultimate
  • 12s – Rickert Ultimate
  • 12s – Theon Ultimate
  • 12s – Rez Ultimate
  • 10s – Dominic Ultimate

Turbine V5

Monster Type: Robot


  • Starting from 50s, Turbine V5 increases its attack power by 20% / 25% / 30% every 10 seconds.
  • Takes 500% more damage from summons and 20% less damage by enemy heroes.
  • Turbine v5 is immune to all CC effects.


  • Stun Missile: Launch 3 missiles at the unit that has inflicted the most recent DMG. Each missile inflicts 300% ATK as DMG and stuns the target for 5s. Cooldown: 10s
  • Penetrating Strafe: Inflicts 300% ATK as DMG to enemies in a straight line. Cooldown: 2s
  • Flame Jet: Inflicts 400% ATK as DMG to enemies in a fan-shaped area ahead. Cooldown: 6s
  • Missile Bombardment: After charging for 3s, Turbine V5 launches missiles that inflict DMG based on the number of enemies on the battlefield. The more enemies on the battlefield, the lower the damage.
RequirementsSummoners; Multiple Units are required to mitigate Missile Bombardment damage.
Summons deal extra damage to boss.
CommanderEnlighten > Diskar
PrototypesDominator: Dominant Nucleus > Soaring Medallion > ANY
Tenacity: Ruler’s Ring
Englightenment: Revitalization Crystal > Flashpoint
GearGear that deals increased dmg to Robots doesn’t exist for now.
Recommended HeroesDPS: Anpu, Amat, Jax, Sif, Anpu, Dorally, Daniel
Support: Purin, Sorvaley
Alternative HeroesDPS: Dominic, Rickert, Bailey, Skooer, Senway, Khalazza, Taylor
Support: Miranda, Masrani, Rez
Best CompFront: Jax
Middle: Anpu, Amat
Back: Purin, Sorvaley

Gameplay Tips

  • If you have assassins developed they can do decent damage on Turbine.
  • Simply use Samael, Dominic, Asuka/Rickert/Motoko and Fiona + Purin.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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