Eternal Return – Beginners Guide

This is a guide for players that are new to Eternal Return. I try to keep everything in this guide short and concise because I know most people are too lazy to read the long ones and watch 20 minutes videos.


I’ve been playing ER for at least 2 years now with over 100 hours in the game.

I’m not a ranked player nor am I any good at this game but this is just a short little guide for newer players that will include tips that I believe will be useful for those that don’t have the time for longer guides and such. Now without further ado, let the guide begin!

Where to Begin?

First of all, please, please, please play the tutorial. There are 3 tutorial stages that teach the very basics of the game. Here’s a picture of where the tutorial is:

Beginner Steps

Okay, now with the tutorial out of the way, what do you actually do?

  • Try and find a character that you like
    You can have a look at every character and see what you like. For me personally, I just look at the designs. “Oh this character looks cool, let’s try them out”. You can freely try out whatever characters even if you haven’t bought them.
  • Read a bit about your items
    Look I know this part may seem terrifying it will do wonders for you in the future. Having a grasp of your items and what they do will directly effect how you play the game. You don’t have to read every item, just read the items that your character uses.
  • Now play the game
    Go ahead and queue up a match.

Flow of A Match

There is a certain flow for every match i.e. a progression of things that you will do in 99% of your matches. I even made this cute little flow chart so that you aren’t bored reading this guide:

Im going to elaborate on each bullet point so I hope you aren’t dozing off now:

  • Looting and Crafting
    This literally is what it means loot and craft. A good rule of thumb when it comes to completing your build is try to finish it before Day 1 night. You’re able to keep good momentum that way and quickly hyperloop to your allies.
  • Grouping Up
    This is also quite self-explanatory. Group up with your teammates. This is a team game sorta. A few key things you should be doing while in a group is kill whatever animal you see and cook food around campfires.
  • Contesting Objectives
    There are many types of objectives in the game. The three of note are Terminals, Alpha/Omega and Meteorite/Tree of Life. These objectives are crucial to get ingredients that are required to make Legendary gear. Quick Tip: Press V after finishing your build to see what Legendary gear is good for you in each slot and click it.
  • Fighting
    Good job, you’ve made it this far and you’re still not dead. Fighting is difficult, if you’ve played any MOBA this is pretty normal. Take fights that you know you can win i.e. they have worse gear than you/they’re low health.

Rapid-Fire Q&A

  • Why do I have to use Saved Plans? Can’t I just make my own?
    Woah, calm down there tiger. You’re still new, the first thing you should focus on is actually playing the game. Stuff like that comes after you have a good grasp on everything.
  • How am I supposed to fight?!? There’s so many particles going around, I can’t see a thing?!
    Yeah, this happens a lot. Best tip I can give is try to keep track of your character and focus on what you can do. Just block out everything and focus on yourself.
  • How exactly do I gain experience in this game? I just level up after doing stuff?
    There’s a whole system called mastery that pretty much determines your experience gain and how much you need to level up but right now that is unimportant. Just know that cooking food, making items, fighting, killing animals, etc will give you experience and eventually you’ll level up.
  • That guy killed me from a bush?! How was I supposed to see that?!
    There are cameras in this game. Mainly dropped by bats. They act as wards that give vision in an area.
  • My RNG is so bad. Why can’t I find all my materials in the area? ;w;
    Hey, no need to cry now. Stuff like that happens. You can just right-click whatever common materials you need for 30 credits which you will passively gain. Don’t use it too much though, as credits are really important for getting Legendary materials at Terminals.
  • I live in [ASIAN COUNTRY NAME] and keep queuing against Korean players? How am I supposed to beat them?!
    Haha, you can’t. For now, at least. Try to play on EU servers. The ping difference is negligible and the players there actually speak English so it’s easier to communicate.
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