Quasimorph: End of Dream – Tricks for Better Survival and Death Control

This guide is just a collection of somewhat obviouse playthrough tips and tricks than can somewhat help you to have more chances of survival and a little more comfortable game experience at the begining of the game.

Tricks for Beginners

Search for better equipment.

You can evacuate to your ship without finishing the mission objective first, if you have found an item chip or a new merc data.

Use this to grind for better available loadout equipment for your mercs, and also for hoarding some extra things found on the level, for future use in case of an unlucky run. (Remember, you return to the ship only with items in your invetory). Be careful! Your ship also has limited space available!

Don’t overdo the training.

Abandoning mission leads to your merc death. Don’t be afraid to lose even your fully trained one in case you couldn’t find any of items that let you evacuate without finishing the mission, training their core skills to the max isn’t that hard or time consuming, especially on second mission.

Death comes when you are not diligent.

Never open doors or go around corners without an option of immediate retreat. Even fully trained merc can fall to a single unlucky burst from the enemy, so there is no shame in hiding from possible return fire strong enemies can dash out.

For simular reason always have a retreat route from enemy lucky grenade toss (hiding behind nearest wall/corner is the best option) . Also, be aware, and if possible keep away from spots neighboring lava and space – you are most vulnereble near them, even a pistol shot can push you onto those leading to instant death.

Expect the unexpected.

Random generating of the levels and enemy placement sometimes can give you some unpleasent surprises. Starting location/elevator room can be infested with some unexpected enemies. A single room can contain half of enemies from whole floor you are exploring.

An enemy can wander around the path you chose to clear the floor and jump on you or your return route when you least expect him. Remember – constant vigilance!

Most tricky one yet.

You can change where your character is looking whith right mouse button. It doesn’t cost any action points and actually pretty usefull for checking if someone is behind you.

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