Eternal Three Kingdoms – Gameplay FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

How to upgrade Heroes and Soldiers?

Heroes and Soldiers can earn EXP by clearing stages or using EXP Pills. The basic stats increase as they level up.

They can also be promoted to increase their level further. The higher the Promotion Level, the more skills they can use and upgrade.

You can only upgrade one skill for Soldiers.

What are Gear?

You can enhance the basic stats of your Heroes and Soldiers by equipping them with Gear.

Heroes can equip up to six pieces of Gear, in addition to their Exclusive Weapon, while Soldiers cannot equip any Gear other than their Exclusive Weapon.

Use Enhance Stones and Gold to enhance Gear and boost their stats.​

What are World Map Scenarios?

Tap the Enter Scenario button to enter battle stages. Once all stages of a scenario have been cleared, the next scenario will be unlocked.

Once each scenario has been cleared, the next difficulty will be unlocked. Difficulty levels include Normal and Hard, with progressively stronger enemies appearing at each difficulty.

Clear stages to earn various rewards!​

How to organize an army?

You can deploy Heroes and Soldiers for stage battles.

Please note that you can only deploy identical Heroes and Soldiers in one army.​

What are Training Grounds?

You can assign Heroes to train them and earn Training Tokens as rewards.

Use Training Tokens obtained from the Training Grounds as well as Gold to enhance specific Classes. Higher level enhancements require more Training Tokens.​

What are the system requirements?

The minimum system requirements to play Eternal Three Kingdoms are:

  • AOS: Galaxy S7 (OS 6.0), 2GB RAM
  • iOS: iPhone 7 or later​
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