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Guide to Marines

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Welcome to the Corps

This guide is here to show you the marines of the Global Security Force (GSF). In other words, how to use marines as officers and commanders. These concepts will apply to all divisions of the GSF and the guide is meant help newer players.

The image above, contains 4 marines and 2 field supports (Marine medics).

What is a Marine?

According to Intel, the GSF marine are versatile and well-armored combatant that forms the backbone of the GSF. Marines are equipped with the Sigar assault rifle and best suited for medium range battles.

The unit cost is only 360 credits and that is considered nothing for a commander if they make an average of 45 credit per second. They also do come equip with HE grenades after the infantry equipment upgrade. However, these marines are light infantry in the armor type. Therefore, these marines will die by ballistic type damage such as machine gun rounds, assault rifles and even pistols. Unfortunately, they also flinched if fired upon by enemies. If the enemies fired first, the marines cannot fire back until they are unflinched.

Officers with Marines

As an officer of the GSF it is your duty to see that these marines come out alive. However, these marines will die due to Iron Guards as a major threat to marines. The images below are the Iron Guards that every marine should fear.

As the officer, you can use marines as diversionary units to keep them alive. The marines will gladly keep the Iron Guard(s) distracted, while as the officer you have access to GSF unique weaponry. For example, if you have an armory nearby you may run back to grab an ATR or Warthog LMG to mow down the Iron Guard(s). However, the marines would die from this engagement. In other words, use the marines to provide yourself firepower against Iron Guard(s). The next threat against the marines are Templars because our marines would burn to death by their deadly lasers. To counter Templars with marines is mass numbers against Templar because they are expensive. However, as an officer use the Warthog LMGs and grenade launchers to support your marines.

Officers can give marines squad orders. They can be more effective in combat if in deploy in a formation. There are 3 formations that an officer can give, which are line formation, tactical formation, and close formation. With line formation, the marines will literally follow officers in a line. This can keep marines from running across the street into the open to get shot and some of these marines are brand new recruits. It is the officer’s job to keep them in line. However, line formation will constantly keep marines exposed if caught out by enemy forces.

In this case, you may want to use tactical formation to let the marines move from cover to cover this will help them in combat. Unfortunately, this is the slowest formation out of the 3 because it involves moving at the marine’s pace. If the officers prefer a fast moving squad but will take minimal cover, that would be the close stack formation.

The close stack formation allows marines to be right next to the officers. In this case, if enemy officers comes into contact with a squad of marines and an officer. The enemy officer would die in a short secession. This physically let the marines get close with the officer as much as possible. By many officers of the GSF prefer this formation due to having more guns to a fight is beneficial for them.

The rest of the squad orders are very self explanatory, which are Retreat and Charge In. Retreat just forces the marines to run back to base to fight another day. The Charge in an order to swarm the target with the highest morale of the group (Do not charge in, when there are Iron Guards).

Commanders with Marines

At the beginning of the game you are given, 4 marines and 2 field supports that you can distribute between your officers. Otherwise, build a barrack to produce more marines. As the commander, the marines only cost credits and cheap as well. So they are your most used unit in the GSF. However, despite being the most used it will be slaughtered by Iron Guards. The Iron Guards would beat marines in any open battle, so using cover will drastically make a marine survive longer till reinforcements arrives.

You can place marines behind cover, then if an enemy show up. The marines will be in combat behind cover. Also, support your marines a mix of field supports to heal them outside of combat and phalanx teams to give direct fire support with LMGs. You can also use Echelon teams to provide mortar support for the marines on the front lines.

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