Len’s Island – The Town of Bridgewater Guide

This guide will cover Bridgewater, The Town in Lens Island. It will go into It’s NPCs and merchants, what you can interact with here and what you will find and expect here.

Guide to the Town of Bridgewater

Here in this town you will find all you need for your farmers dreams, your warrior hearts or your gambling problems. Each merchant has their own charm to them and each merchant sell’s different produce and certain merchant’s sell equipment. Here’s a short explanation for each merchant and what they sell before we move onto the layout of that area of the map.

The Lumberjack

Sits close by the town entrance and is a simple man, he is a simple man, he stands by his wooden home and sells you wood for cheap. And if you desire for some reason, you can sell him wood as well.

The Florist

A strangely tinted lady that will sell you some pretty flowers and buy them from you as well. She sits in her little stand by the water front close the the smithy. Her shop has lavender, marigold and roses for you to choose from.

The Farmer

The hard working farmers day is never over, setting up a stall by a produce patch she sells you all sorts of goods and buys in produce for a decent price. She’ll happily trade for what you have and is especially fond of bread, buying and selling blueberries, banana’s, grapes, [u[passionfruit[/u], watermelon, pumpkins, wheat and bread.

The Witch

The witch is a mysterious figure of the town, some say she use to live in a house north of the village. But it has long since been abandoned. Now she lives partially as a tailor, allowing you to buy new pigments for your clothes in exchange for some resources. She sells you a great many backpacks but you can swear the last backpack she sold you was whispering. She will kindly take trade all the lightstone and void guts you find in the caves. She buys lightstone and dark essence, she sells backpacks and clothing colours.

The Mason

Every village has its dedicated builder and the masonry up by the mountainside houses this villages finest. Well, only mason. He’s a happy and dedicated man and is here to sell you all your constructing goods. He sells stone, limestone, and clay

The Druid

A sleepy old fellow with a staff that never tips. He spends most of the day napping in his chair and exchanging his fine all natural equipment in exchange for produce. I’m sure he hangs out behind the farmers market just to enjoy the smell of the fresh produce. He will sell you the nature set of equipment.

The Blacksmith

The hard working man who bangs against steel all day working to bring you the best of equipment. The blacksmith works hard for his weapons and his refined equipment is certainly nothing to scoff at. He sells the refined set, iron shards, coal and salvaged metal.

The Fishermen

The fisherman and his captain sit by the docks tending to their stock. They sit in port looking to sell their sea worthy weapons. From them you can buy a sturdy set of equipment. They sell the fishermen set and glass.

The Pirate

Arghhh! You’d often hear the pirate call as customers passed his bargh! Though a loud chap he is an honest one. Selling you his fine wares and even offering you rounds of blackjack, though he may complain about a loss he always holds his end of the bargain. He will sell you the pirate set and play blackjack with you.

The Travelling Merchant

An odd man comes into port and whilst most villagers know him he holds a lot of equipment not like the others. He sells these fancy and strange weapons and arms but never shares where he got them from. What does it matter though? They work wonders against everything sometimes you even feel faster! In the end he seems like a honest working man. He sells you sapphires and the exotic set.

These are the core NPCs of Lens Island and the ones you will currently interact with the most. There are a few more npcs sprinkled around such as the mayor that stands by the town bridge, but as of this moment they just have limited dialogue and nothing really to interact for at this time.

There are a few things sprinkled around the town for you to interact with, directly north from the bridge is a little plot of land you can buy and build it. I’d suggest looking around the village and the entire area itself for the little bits sprinkled around. (Next contains some of those.) There is a build-able ladder in the north of the town, you can skip building this by jumping on the rock to the right and air rolling across. Loot and a note are up there. Swimming out of bounds resets your character to the beach, surrounded by alcohol bottles.

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