Expedition Zero – How to Find All 9 Pieces of Suit Gear

A guide on getting all the pieces of upgrades to your suit. They make the game much easier so make sure to get them early!

Guide to Find All 9 Pieces of Suit Gear


So you’ve started playing Expedition Zero but you’re finding it difficult.

You’re freezing to death, your battery runs out, you most too slow. If that’s happening to you then it’s likely that you’re under-equipped. So let me show you how to craft equipment that will help you survive longer.

After you finish the prologue you’ll get access to the forest location.

There’ll be a whole bunch of gear that you can craft near the first camp you come across. Make sure you get all of it because it’ll make the game much easier to play.

For a visual walkthrough the guide see:

Backpack Upgrade

In the starting area you crafted a headlamp. In the first camp you come across you’ll find a similar crafting bench that will allow you to craft a bigger backpack.

You should upload the first anomaly you find at the centre of the camp because it’ll give you the locator that you can use to find other anomalies. Make sure you’re diligent in looting scrap because you’ll need every all of it.

The backpack is not critical to get right now but it does help you carry more loot so it’s worth spending the resources to get it immediately.

Suit Insulation and Gas Mask

I recommend going on the southern road first. The biggest issue you have is the cold. Once you get cold enough you’ll lose health and eventually die. So addressing that first is the number one thing you need to do.

Follow the southern road and eventually you’ll run into a roadblock and a big searchlight. Just beyond that there’s a big Warehouse that has another crafting bench.

The Suit Insulation allows you to stay warmer longer. It doesn’t take any power or any resources so you should go for this as soon as possible and you won’t need to rely on fires as much.

The gas mask can be crafted at multiple locations so you might want to hold off on crafting it to save for better gear. But eventually you should get it because the figures that attack you use gas attacks and there’s gas fields blocking access to other areas.

Heat Harness

Another thing you can get to keep warm is the Heat Harness. It draws power from you battery to keep you warmer once your heat drops to about 70%.

The way to get it is to go north north east from the Warehouse. You can use the Locator to head in the right direction because you can also find another anomaly nearby.

You’ll reach a church and see a bunch of ghostly figures. The crafting bench is in the rear of the church and it’ll allow you to craft the Heat Harness.


The recuperator provides a small amount of constant battery recharge. It’s primary purpose is to reduce how much battery you use but if you’re using nothing it lets you recharge a small amount so it’s very useful in an emergency.

Use the locator from the church and it’ll lead you towards an Abandoned Farm. The crafting workbench can be found in the barn and it’ll allow you to craft the Recuperator.

Extended Battery

There’s a small spur heading north from the central road. You’ll come across a set of tents and beyond them there’s a lit area with a crafting bench.

You can craft the extended battery. This doubles your capacity and allows you to run all the gear we’ve crafted for longer. Very useful to have.

Distance Meter

From the starting camp head north. It’s a bit of a trip so you should make sure you have all the gear I’ve mentioned so far.

Go north until you reach a Y intersection and take the right spur. It’ll take towards a set of concrete pipes and part of a massive concrete structure. Search all the containers and the concrete pipes.

Use the locator and keep heading north. Eventually you’ll come across the shelter. There’s a house on top but there’s also a basement below. In the basement you’ll find a crafting bench that’ll allow you to make the Distance Meter. Basically this is a scope that also lights up things in the distance. Useful when you’re trying to spot the enemies in the trees.

The only downside is that you can’t equip both the headlamp and the distance meter at the same time.

You can also craft the Extended battery and gas mask if you haven’t already. The gas mask also goes on the headlamp slot so it’s best to equip it only when there’s a gas hazard around.


This requires a lot of resources, particularly the scarcer electronics, so I’ve left this until last. But you can get it any time if you have 40 electronics.

Take the southern road from the starter camp. Look for the green light to the left and go down that clear path until you come across an unmarked building. Inside there’ll be a crafting bench with the exoskelleton recipe.

Once you’ve equiped it you’ll be able to move noticeably faster as long as you have battery though it doesn’t seem to drain a lot of power.

Final Comments

So basically it’s best to do a loop starting with the southern warehouse and going around northwards because the insulation is so important and the nearby areas have some of the important gear you can get.

Once you’ve done enough scavenging to get all the gear you’ll be in a much better position to avoid freezing to death and you should have the equipment to move into more dangerous areas. Good luck and have fun!

Written by SequentialGamer

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