Shadows Over Loathing – Easiest Way to Defeat Goliath Gator Statue

After that you can obtain just showing off achievement.

How to Defeat Goliath Gator Statue Easy

All credit goes to Stray!

  1. Go to the monster club, the book in the middle of the room allows you to fight vampires infinitely.
  2. Keep fighting them until you have eight bottle of bloodshine.
  3. Fix the laser blaster in the gator fort, it will give you a + combat item uses perk.
  4. Just grab any weapon that bases on your moxie. ANY, since the bonus don’t really matter.
  5. Fight the goliath gator statue.
  6. Now, you should be able to drink 4 bottles of bloodshine in one turn.
  7. Do it. Do it again in the next turn.
  8. Well, suppose you begin with 6 moxie, you will have 96 moxie in the second turn, and 1536 moxie in the third turn.
  9. You know what to do.

P.S: If you plays as a Jazz Agent, you can reduce the bloodshine use by using combat skills that adds moxie first.

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  1. There are other ways that are a little bit slower, but which have worked for me.

    1) If you start out as a muscle class, you can eventually find the “stop hitting yourself” perk through a book in SIT. I forgot if the book was a random encounter or in a specific place. Also get muscle stretch. This allows you to use the boss’ strength against it. Collect the Ziggurat perk, and also find a bunch of items that maximise AP and physical armour. Make sure its stats get just high enough to do real damage to itself, but not enough to KO your party.

    2) Shadow taint: Collect as many items as you can in the rifts, holes, etc. Especially shadow clarinets and shadow ropes. Keep the cursed watch. Get the ziggurat perk (max your moxie out). Keep the cursed book from SIT, read it, and take only the most beneficial buffs. There is, somewhere along the line, a shadow perk that allows you to swap stats with your enemy. Maximise AP. I was able to beat the Goliath on Eleven hardness with this.

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