Expeditions: Rome – Main Character Class Guide

If you are wondering what class to choose for your main character, then this guide is for you.

Guide to Main Character Class

Skill trees are by class, and you can recruit extra praetorians (generic characters) to fill in any slot. The closest things to “unique” skills are the unarmed abilities some of your named companions get.

Of these, the two most notable are Syneros’s heal action (free healing without using a bandage item, which obviously has huge synergy with the heal buff Triarius gets, making him a better healer than your MC can ever be). Also your companion Princeps gets a nice ranged morale debuff.

So leaving aside Syneros being the best healer in the game, the remaining thing you want on your MC is to be self-sufficient and reasonably durable. Triarius or Princeps – good choice for that reason. Games like this frequently feature battles where you get the MC solo or stuck in melee, so going for something with decent defense seems wise. Archer isn’t terrible in melee, but they aren’t particularly tough, either.

That said, The Veles has a number of skills (middle tree I think) that increase its dodge chances and what not. And another tree allows you to move about without causing reaction attacks. So if built right, he/she can survive well enough.

Archer is mainly about range and causing space. You can eventually upgrade the push to be able to knockdown (out for 2 turns unless a ‘healer’ picks em up) anybody that gets into close range with you. So not bad. Once you get an archer on some high ground their range becomes insane.

If you plan to play with all the companions, two of them are Princeps, so playing a 3rd one as MC may be a bit redundant. Besides that, Syneros has a unique healing skill when he’s unarmed, which makes him a very good support character and an unusual Triarus, so there’s a nice spot to fill for a DPS-oriented Triarus imo, with the Destroyer tree. Regarding the Sagittarus, I find the Sniper tree quite bad compared to the other two, which makes all Sagittarus somewhat the same for me (Marksman/Hunter), so I would avoid that class with the MC, especially when you take into account that you will more than once face scripted battles where you can’t reposition and will find yourself on the frontline, ranged character or not. Finally, the Veles is a good choice too, especially if you go the Brawler route, because note having a unique unarmed skill for you MC leaves you with all 3 unarmed slots available for unarmed skills (you get more of those later on with levels).

Also you can choose Veles, because you don’t even need a weapon in your hand to beat the snot out of your enemies and this is useful in quite a few instances, beyond that if you do have a pair of daggers handy you can hit multiple times later on and even recover your action point this means virtually you can kill more foes in a single turn and the game often wants you to kill x amount of enemies in a fight.

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