Fading Afternoon – Guide for the Bag

Quick guide to using the bag in the game.

Bag Guide

Step 1

Save all your money in the bag

At the end of the game, put all your money in a bag and give it to the old man selling sandwiches.

Step 2

Take the money back

At the beginning of a new playthrough, go to old man and pick up the bag.

Inside you’ll find money you gave him.

P.S. Now everything falls into place, and it’s clear where the old man got the bag with our money and when he was asked to hold onto it.

Written by katawabaka


  1. Pro-tip: If you are starting a new game, try to get a bag from the sandwich guy between updates. They tend to reset those reserved savings. (happend to me twice)

    At least it seems to be the case; I checked a bag soon after starting a new game but didn’t make a save for some reason. Then I exited the game, updated it… and got a standard million or something instead of the sum I had previously witnessed.

  2. Finally can buy a house with this method but I need to ask if I bought the house and die will I still have the house in the next play

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