Fading Afternoon – Guide to Game Mechanics and Additional Endings

Some interesting things people have found that aren’t part of the achievement list (both major and minor spoilers). I plan to reference other guides for everything already out there. This will only cover mechanics that haven’t been posted yet. As of right now, I am going to build upon this guide with visual examples for better understanding. I’m slow though, so bear with me.

Game Mechanics and Additional Endings

Hidden Companion Interactions

  • Mezuki flashback at school grounds press action button and up. This is a 3 part flashback. (Find out more about MCs backstory and why he ended up in jail)
  • Go to prison one day after receiving letter from ‘GUY’ on the street, to meet up with prison mate / friend (Chiba). Afterward can be found running a bar in same district as Hostess Club. A place called Bar Rocket. Can do companion missions with him. (3 parts)

Kato Interactions

  • Taking Kato with you during the first time you visit the harbor and speaking with the gun supplier will provide a different outcome. Follow up by speaking to Kurata (guy you meet on train will be in between shipping crates), then come back and speak to Kurata again week(s) later.
  • Originally posted by Sly: When taking hostage (main story line) to the farm you can talk to Kato twice: at the bar and on the train station. (Maybe more, but i didnt found out where or when). As i remember 1st dialogue in the bat can be activated just after leaving the barn, and the second one on next morning, but im not sure. (Tramp says that train interaction may only be for those that don’t own vehicle.)
  • Originally posted by SaltyTaro: If you keep using Kato in fights he will level up and get stronger. (Item button with Kato in party during fights)
  • Can take Kato to tattoo parlor and choose from several tattoos. (Also can slap Seiji during this event.This might lower Seiji’s (MCs) respect value).
  • You can do karaoke with Kato in the back room of the karaoke bar. (I’m sure he has PTSD the entire time he’s back there.But he’ll sing an enire song, ?maybe more?).
  • Can play pool with Kato (He’s really awful).
  • Originally posted by HANZO: At the beginning of the game Kato will not bow properly, if you slap him enough he will now lower for the rest of the game.
  • Originally posted by HANZO: When you go baseball with Kato, he gains stars in relationship. Need to get at least 10 gold stars per game. Is buggy but can achieve 3 stars and a cutscene.
  • The second friendship interaction with Kato is taking him to either Bar (in bar district) or the bar at disco (i think). Start with fresh drunk meter and fill it completely (1 star per day).
  • The third friendship interaction with Kato is taking him to the pier (ocean) or river (countryside) and catching 3 fish (1 star per day).

Player Interactions

  • Up and action button will do many interactions that might otherwise not be prompted at. (Drink from cup at restaurant / Sit on couch in house / find them all!).
  • Originally posted by HANZO: Other interactions can be achieved through action button and down. (Sitting in far corner chair at second office / find them all).
  • Originally posted by AFRO THUNDER: If you light a cigarette next to a surviving member in your turf after defense, the member will light Seiji’s cigarette.(Tramp says you can do this to any character that is bowing to you. Just make sure you are standing at least a few pixels in front of bowing character.)
  • Originally posted by AFRO THUNDER: Once winter rolls around, there is a snowman at the school. If you approach it while smoking, you can put the cigarette in its mouth. (Tramp says but don’t quote. This can also be done at playground in Real Estate district.)
  • Originally posted by Hanzo: During winter, when snow is covering the ground, you can sit as usual, but if you press X again, you can make a snowball and throw it.
  • Using Sawada (Cop/Detective at shrine) to decrease gang hostility in different districts will cause the shops to close down and a cop car will be stationed on the street for that day.

Other Great Interactions

  • Originally posted by Sly: Alcoholic guide to Fading Afternoon 1-3 (Drink till drink meter is full).
  • At the bar after few shots of sake you can go to couple sitting at the right corner and try to make a move with the girl. If you’l hit the guy politely asking you to f**k off next time you’l enter the bar he’l be waiting for you with backup. And the third time girl will sit at that table all alone so you can properly talk to her and see whats happened.
  • At the Dicso after few shots you can dance with girl sitting at the bar.
  • (Drink meter full and) you can’t defense in fights. (So prepare for stay at hospital if you get caught in a turf war with only one protection star (says supertramp)).
  • Taking over the district with the massage parlor will not only change the way the masseuses greet you but grants you free rubdowns.

Other Interactions That Lead to Major NPC Deaths but not Game Overs

  • Can kill Sawada (the cop / detective at shrine) with gun. (But why would you want to do something stupid like that? No repercussions that I’ve found)
  • Can take max loan from loan sharks come back next day with gun and high gun proficiency (done by target practice in back of pawn shop), pull gun outside of loan shark office and as soon as you enter, start firing QUICKLY. Free Yen. (No repercussions that I’ve found)
  • After maxing Azuma’s friendship. A cutscene involving Tanaka and Azuma will play out in the mahjong parlor. Refuse the orders and after a couple days visit the bridge in the city hub for a scene involving Iwao (One of Azuma’s captains).
  • After killing the Yakuza in countryside, if you are back with ex-wife. You will receive a letter. Go to forest (or don’t), refuse their offer and wait a few days. Go to the secondary branch office (the one you are in charge of), for a scene. Be sure to hunker close to the body for an additional scene.

Additional Endings Not Explained

  • Childhood Memories: Originally posted by Sly:
  1. Make sure you are in charge of secondary branch office. (Go to construction site on time.)
  2. War with Tanaka, ended with truce. Kato survived this thanks to slap-saving-from-stupid-decisions.
  3. All 3 nostalgia memories (9 long back to schol weeks) of Mezuki on the school yard.
  4. In “Kill celebrity” quest Seiji took the blame (go to police station after the kill, not to office), went to prison and then before he dies this memory comes out.
  • Originally posted by Unkle K: if you die naturally in your bed after finishing all mezuki flashbacks, in your final night, you will have one last flashback. i got this ending without going to prison instead of Kato. i became oyabun and still got the flashback.
  • Taking out Azuma via Chiba: Originally posted by The Looper “Gold”:
  1. Kato is in charge of secondary branch office. (Fail to go to construction site on time.)
  2. Make sure you make it to the prison when Chiba is released. (You will get a letter the day before.) (the first two might be vice versa)
  3. When prompted to do mission involving train, do it.
  4. Visit secondary office, then visit Azuma’s office. (cutscene will play at both places.
  5. Continue to take territories, at some point you will get letter from Chiba. He can be found at hostess hub called Bar Rocket. A scene will play giving you a choice. Visit him again.
  6. You will go fishing with Azuma. Do what you came to do.

Note: I did up to Fishing trip but didn’t follow through. Don’t know what happens afterward.


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  1. I found an interaction. When Seiji is drunk he can whistle at women walking down the street, he can also punch innocent pedestrians. Both actions are performed by pressing the punch and kick buttons at the same time in his “drunk mode”.

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