Cyberpunk 2077 – How to Unlock the Mackinow Monster Truck

Here’s a short and simple guide on how to unlock the Mackinow Monster Truck.

Arasaka Tower Game

First you’ll have to go to this location and go inside the church at middle of the village:

Inside the church you’ll find a laptop with some lore of the ARG and a arcade called Arasaka Tower 3D.

You’ll have to finish the game in a certain way going through a maze in order to go to the next step.

That way being the one showed in the video bellow:

Heres the solution to the maze:

And here is the last level after the maze:


After finishing the game in the way said above all the number pads in the servers will be activated.

And the codes to unlock them are (from the left to the right):

1: 327670
2: 318308
3: 527766
4: 727862
5: 632495
6: 240
7: 108850
8: 204217


When finished with the servers a new archive will be unlocked in the main laptop at the center of the church.

And when you open it, it will display a new quest mark at your map at this location:

Go there and stand in the bedsheet nearby or close to it in the rags between 4:00am to 6:00am for approximately 10 minutes irl.

After it should trigger a cutscene that when finished will give you the Mackinow.

Get inside and it’s yours.

If the event does not happen, advance the time to 4:00am and wait till 5:00am or advance to the hour closest to 5:00am.

It took some tries to me.

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  1. got it just by going to the target location, finding matress and watching sunrise for sometime (5:00am+) no church, no arcade…

  2. i got it without the maze. just interacted with the stuff around 4 AM (not sure if thats even needed), then hauled but to the mattress and waited between 4:20 and 5:40. seems like its random on if u get it or not but idk

  3. The minigame difficulty is based on the difficulty of the game (cause yeah they apparently thought it was a good idea) set it to easy then do the game then set it back to your difficulty… A real pain in the ass just for a car.

  4. Is it possible to do smth wrong in last part with mattres? I’ve completed maze, entered codes, written messages, but every time when i stand on metress from 3:45 to 6:21 nothing happens

    • I had problems with the matress too, it took me some tries.

      I managed to do it standing in the rags next to it and skiping time before 5:00am and waiting.

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