Fae Farm – Easy Money Farm Guide

Here you can see how you can get the most and easy money.

How to Farm Money (Easy Method)

How to Make Money Fast?

Farm green gemes in mine and make upgrade them at the gem craftinstation and sell these.

I recommend only farming those green gems, cause aquamarin and topas only drop in lower density and are guarded by stronger and much more annoying enemys.

I get 5-8k every day with this. (Best thing you can do early on for money).

As you level your mining skill you get also more gems from these gems in lower floors. and even later from second and third dungeon than.

I recommend selling the gem of the lowest floor where you get 8 gems per harvest. (more difficult gems will get you 1-3 which isnt efficient.

Also I recommend you to buy in the second biom unvisible potion (60gold) so that you can mining without fighting monsters!


  1. oh gosh, i’ve been struggling so much with making money, especially because i finished neppy’s quest late, so i just now (middle of summer) unlocked the quest boards. i’ve been experimenting with selling different cooked foods and >.> copper ingots.. all to no avail. thank you so much!

    • i just finished the first season and i bought everythinng i could right now. stepping into the next dungeon was much harder. but until now this is still the best you can do to make money. fish, cooked food, farming stuff dosnt bring that much money in such a short time.

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