FAITH – Chapter 3 Boss Guide

If you’re stuck on The crucible where you see “Gary” and his “mother” then this advice is for you. Warning! The guide contain spoilers!

How to Defeat Boss in Chapter 3

For phase 1, when Gary charges a bunch of times, he can’t go past the upper area past his “mother”. However, if you’re directly behind his “mother” you can easily get cornered when he charges directly at you. Stay in open areas as much as possible and don’t touch the fires. The seals can spawn directly in front of you when you’re walking. It’s annoying, but hope it doesn’t happen when Gary charges directly at you.

When you damage him enough, another demon appears that shoots 3 arrows. Avoid them and focus attacking Gary. After 2-3 times, the demon will change its spot. The demon can land on you, so move out of the way when that happens.

After damaging Gary even more, phase 2 begins. You have 10? lives (I’m not too sure about this), and if you lose all of them you will have to restart from the beginning of phase 1. Gary and the other demon possess the body of his “mother”. Dodge the attacks while damaging his “mother”. After enough damage, Gary and the other demon separate from the body temporarily. Quickly run into one of the fires and run into the body. If you don’t do this in time, you’ll have to dodge the set of attacks again.

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