Farmer Against Potatoes Idle – Tips and Tricks to Getting Started

Some easy and fast tips to get you game moving and open up new features.

Tips and Hints for New Players

  • You want to push for Reincarnation as your first target (and you might as well trigger it as soon as it unlocks). This will allow you to start earning reincarnation points, which can buy some very powerful bonuses. You will find reincarnation (even ignoring the points you get for spending), is the largest boost to your stats and income bare none for a long while.
  • Do your Daily Quests for souls each day (they add up and you will have everything you can buy before you know it).
  • Whack has a few bonuses that are critical to get ASAP (the most important one being Lower Cow Cost). It will take a bit of time to build up the points you need for this, so do not be afraid to buy a lot of page one to make later whack pushes worth more. There is also whack gear in later worlds that will increase your score a crazy amount. You will also get some cow reduction reincarnation bonuses you can buy around 750 RL (reincarnation level).
  • The first few sets of gear will be replaced fast, but even so, do not be afraid to upgrade them(I would say starting with Tier 3, blue), as the early tier materials are also almost worthless once you get 2 tiers above it (which you will do lighting fast up to Tier 6). So using them on current gear is actually better for you than saving them.
  • Do not worry about making super powerful gear at first. You will ascend before too long and you lose all of your gear (also another reason not to save material forever). Good is the level of gear you are looking to get unless you want to push whack very hard (as it does not reset when ascending).
  • When you unlock cows, you want to buy your first cow right away (even if you do not have all of the discounts as yet). Grind for it if you have to. This is because when milk starts, it also generates residue which can give you some very powerful bonuses, and the number of cows does not affect how much residue you earn, you just need one to start the process.
  • For soul purchases (if you are not buying a lot to start), I value the class/potato/skull ones first as they are all straight up power increases. Then I go for QOL auto potato/skull followed by auto material (which if you are not near your computer that much this buy is actually one of the more powerful QOL but straight up power boosts ones). This is then followed by auto whack (I normally do not start with this buy as whack is very weak until you level it a bit). Everything after that is mostly personal preference, but you will aim to get it all sooner or later.
  • As for challenges, you normally want to do the first one around the time you unlock it, and it will not hurt you to do the first 4 challenges more or less as they open (and you can always cancel a challenge if it looks like it will take too long). It is challenge 7 and 8 (before you ascend the first time), that have a rule of thumb before trying. I recommend getting to calcium generation (which takes a bit of time to unlock), before trying. Once you ascend the first time you can do it with just high level brewing, and then later ascend more you can do it the moment it unlocks.
  • Once you unlock unlimited challenges I would personally ignore the “easy labor begone”, as you will almost never use it. The Medium labor one is nice, but it takes a while before you can push it that far. The reason for this is the medium will turn on after you finish a challenge, but the easy will not. And you should almost ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS start a new run with the unlimited challenge for that class, as it would be very rare for you not to be able to push at least one more state each time you cycle back to that class for higher bonuses.
  • Talents have all kinds of options and what you buy depends on what you are pushing at that moment, but with that said, unless you are pushing gear/wurm/milk/brewing, the two most important stats most of the time are class and reincarnation. Class is the base stat for reincarnation, and reincarnation speaks for itself. I personally like the 3K Hoer area as my primary target (and I try to get to it from everywhere once I get into RL 4k). The bonus to both class and con is just so powerful it is hard to justify anything else. Then I start to go for the Farm 3k (as a bit of bonus to everything is normally overall powerful, rather than focusing on one thing, unless that is the point of the entire run).
  • Some people like to focus on getting multiple milk or brewing bonuses (there are all in the 3k areas), but I find once I have brewing unlocked, that one of each is all I need most of the time, until I max reincarnation bonuses.
  • Do not forget your 2 15 point unique talents per class. They are all very nice, but the 3 more powerful ones are the wurm/gear/milk bonuses. If I am in those classes, those 2 talents are always bought.
  • One trick to get the best gear is to do the highest level (medium or hard), in the highest world you can handle, and then wait for the gear buff to kick from whack. Then you can turn on your gear potion, for double bonus and get the best gear of that run.

Other tips

Each higher difficulty increases the number of stages you can go in a world by 100 (100 for easy, 200 for medium and 300 for hard). You will also earn more class exp in a higher level difficulty at a lower level stage most of the time. This means for a boost to your reincarnation, you can do all of the medium you can for higher waves beat bonus”

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  1. if you’re a afk f2p player, i would recommend getting the auto whack purchase first. Gives a small amount of souls randomly

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