Farworld Pioneers – Beginners Tips

Tips for Newbies

  • I’ve heard raiders and wildlife are a big problem for some people at their bases. If you keep your base not much bigger than the screen is wide, and dig a 5×5 hole on either side of your base, nothing can jump over the hole and get in.
  • You can butcher dead animals by hitting their corpses with melee weapons for presumably less resources. This also works for dead raiders. Hit their corpses and their inventory will drop as a backpack.
  • The cold storms are a problem yes but the best way to combat this is to actually build underground, which is usually above freezing with just a torch.
  • Colonists will automatically eat stored food, even though it gives alerts of hungry colonists. Believe me it works.
  • Iron is needed to do pretty much anything, to get a head start dig down and search around for ores. They are plentiful.
  • Build more than one research bench it’s much faster.
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