Farworld Pioneers – Stockpiles in a Nutshell Explained

The bare minimum idea of how these work, as per me messing with them for a while.

Stockpiles in a Nutshell


Stockpiles are free, so you can dump them wherever you need them.

NPCs wont move anything anywhere or work without having one available (I think.)

  • You can name them individually (1).
  • You can manage what stockpiles get used, where the higher numbered piles are filled first (2).
  • You can choose what items colonists put in, as well as what gets automatically placed into it from your inventory (3).
  • You can take everything in a stockpile (4),
  • And place relevantly filtered items into your stockpile (5).

NPCs will not take anything out of a stockpile if you change the filters. It will sit there until it’s hauled or taken manually. A better way to properly filter out a stockpile is to take everything from it, set the filters, then use give all. This wont take things from your hot bar, and you can still manually place things that don’t meet the filter requirements, so be careful there.

This is what the stockpile looks like with the previous setting turned on after hitting Give All. Again, notice that the hot bar items haven’t been removed. I also edited in a ridiculously small image in the lower right corner of an old screenshot I took from a game when I was like, 12 years old.

In Conclusion

You can also keep NPCs from using stockpiles you specify.

Idk what search range is. Possibly a set distance NPCs you can raise or lower that NPCs are willing to bring stuff to it.

This guide probably looks like trash. Hope it helps anyone that reads it though.

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  1. butt no the game well empty it due to a bug af play for long time than log back on to find nothing in stockpile

    • Lmao. Sorry to hear that, pardner. Gotta love those early access games, yeah?

      I know you can make chests and shelves, but idk how those work. Never feel the need to make any when I can stuff a stockpile somewhere. Maybe your reeeeeal important stuff can go in those? Hope your stuff doesn’t disappear anymore.

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