Firmament – The Mentor Monologue Master Achievement Guide (Watch! Many Spoilers)

Its difficult to make a list of all the Mentor/ghost speeches mostly because the game is not linear and those speeches tell a story. One can go to one realm before another with the pods, so the Mentor speeches that are related to travelling may vary. The list below follows what I feel is the most probable path a player will take. You can listen to those speeches just once, you cannot hear them again unless you start a new game or load a saved game where a given speech was not heard yet.

How to Obtain The Mentor Monologue Master Achievement


  • In the lower part of the awakening Bunker.
  • Near the awakening Bunker, once you get out of it.
  • At the bridge near the awakening Bunker
  • At the start of the fork that leads to the overhang with ice blocks below.
  • Once climbing the stone stairs to the first ice crane tower
  • Once getting near the socket of the first ice crane tower..
  • Once getting close to the pod in Curievale Bluff.
  • When having your first trip in the pod.
  • At the drawbridge bridge next to the ice chute.
  • When approaching the Omniwheel next to the ice chute.
  • While walking on the Spire in the middle of the frozen lake.
  • Near the socket on the pathway overlooking the ice machine.
  • When entering the building hosting the highest Curievale Omniwheel station.
  • In the long corridor between the Omniwheel station and the lift to go up the Arch.
  • In front of the large golden doors in the Arch.
  • Once the addition to your adjunct is done by the machine.
  • Once you open the golden door in the Arch.
  • Just after entering into the viewpoint room in the Arch.
  • Once you raise the Spire in the Arch.
  • When you get near the pod in the “Processing”(furnace) building.
  • When you enter into the steam and ice puzzle.
  • At the top of the Spire once you complete (usually) the last part of the Embrace.
  • While going down the last Spire once the Embrace is done.

The Swan

  • When arriving at The Swan for the first time.
  • When walking the bridge above the rotating sphere.
  • Entering The Threshold left room.
  • Entering The Threshold right room.
  • In the aisle close to room 007 or 009.
  • Using the pod for second time while leaving The Swan.
  • When getting out of the pod after returning from Curievale (before lower part).
  • When getting out of the pod after returning from Juleston (before opening the Main gate).
  • When getting out of the pod after returning from Juleston (after The Embrace).
  • When getting out of the pod after returning from St-Andrew (after The Embrace). Long talk.
  • After the Embrace in the Lift above the rotating sphere. She continues in the storage room.
  • In the pod/ elevator she start a long monologue that last until you reach the coupling modules area.
  • As you get outside, she talks twice.
  • At the very end, she talks for about 5 minutes to tell you the Truth.


  • When arriving in Juleston once you step out of the pod.
  • Once you get at the circuit breaker in front the battery pool.
  • Once you open the Main gate.
  • At the top of the Spire once you complete a part of the Embrace.


  • When getting at the top of the stairs near the maintenance requisition.
  • At your first ride on the skiff.
  • When entering vault A4.
  • In the outside stairs that take you up to the conservatory.
  • When using the conservatory middle door or exploring it.
  • When using the conservatory right door or getting close to it.
  • When exploring the green house part near the outside entry that was obstructed by leaves.
  • As you are leaving the conservatory and approaching the Omniwheel.
  • At the top of the Spire once you complete a part of the Embrace.

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