Baldur’s Gate 3 – Boss Killing Achievements (Alternative Way)

A small guide on alternative ways to get achievements for bosses.

Pest Control

Use any range weapon to destroy web under boss-spider. Boss will get 40 damage and stun for 1 turn.

Boss HP on tactitian difficulty (max):

  • 162 HP

After fall:

  • 122 HP

I personally use 3 rogues with assasin subclass, becouse they do crit damage for stunlocked enemies, but its up to you.

Penny Pincher

Walk with one character near a boss – boss will start talking to a character and will ignore anyone else.

You can collect barrels of explosives through the map and place it around boss.

You can travel to camp to get barrels – but not in other locations (characters will stuck in eternal sleep limbo).

In example image: Difficulty: Tactitian (Max)

  • Boss HP: 607
  • Barrels: 8 Powder
  • 1 Flask of Rune Powder
  • 3 Liquor Barrels

Any flying skulls will be killed automatically after boss death.

Note: Boss canont be one-shot by any damage. After explosion you need to deal 7 damage to kill it.

Note: Explosion can throw boss out of area it stands initially, Plan your placement accordingly.

Non-Invasive Procedure

Firstly, walk a character near a boss, boss will start to talk with a character and will ignore anyone else.

Place liquor barrels and explosives near boss.

Boss HP on tactitian difficulty (max) 358.

Boss have a flame resistance, but not completely invulnerable to fire.

Thus, if we want to use liquor (that uses flame damage) we need something that will make boss vulnerable to flame damage, like flaming oil for weapon.

I personally use 3 rogues with assasin subclass, that do garanteed crit (40) damage to ambushed enemies. My rogues also get flaming oil on boss, and boss get vulnerability to fire damage.

After that you only need to explode barrels. For bigger damage you can use any area flaming magic that will start a chaining reaction.

Fancy Footwork

Boss hp on tactitian (max) difficulty

  • 357 HP

After you enter the boss room everyone in party will be involved into conversation. Choose neurtal dialogie options to stop talking.

You can use barrels of booze, barrels of oil, grenages, boxes with explosive rokets and etc.

In my example I use 6 nautiloid reservuars, 3 booze barrels, 3 oil barrels, 3 boxes of rockets, 9 explosive grenages.

Note that game dont count all explosives at once: of boss will be moved by explosive power when not all explosives done damage, he can survive. Place barrels specifically to prevent this.

As I only look for the achievemnt, I dont show how to kill robots in the boss room, but you can add more explosives to the chain reaction or place your group in a safer position on roof.

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