FTL: Faster Than Light – Ancestry Achievement Guide

Guide for completing “Ancestry” achievement. Short plan, explanations, advices. Focused on gaining an achievement only.

How to Obtain Ancestry Achievement


  • Unlock Rock Cruiser Type C.
  • Use Rock Cruiser Type C.
  • Set difficulty to “Easy”.

First System Map

  • Open system map.
  • Restart if there is a lot of jumps before the exit.
  • Build the shortest route possible.

First System

  • Any fight must be skipped or ended early at every opportunity. The only limitation is that you cannot lose Crystallin.
  • Go to all shops along the way. Buy Long-Ranged Scanners if available.

Systems Map

  • Count red sectors as 5, 6 and 7 levels.
  • Restart if there is one or zero red sectors.
  • Build a route to visit a maximum number of red points at 5, 6 and 7 levels. Visit sector is not necessary, it is enough just to read its name.

Fine map example with 5 good sectors:

Before the Rock Homeworld

  • Go to the “Rock Homeworld” if available.
  • Visit all shops along the way. Buy Long-Ranged Scanners if available.
  • If there are no more red systems ahead (except for the eighth level) – restart.
  • Restart if crystallin is dead.

In the Rock Homeworld

  • Visit every normal beacon, without a ship, without a star.
  • Ignore the exit, if there is already nowhere to search – restart.
  • On “Ancient device” event use the blue line “(Crystal Crew) Reactivate it.”.

Original Chain

  • “Dense Asteroid Field” event. Sectors: Engi, Rock, Pirate. Distress beacon, no ship presence ((Rock Plating) Make a thorough search for the ship without fear of stray asteroids) => (Grab the stasis chamber).
  • “Zoltan Research Facility” event. Sectors: Engi, Zoltan. Normal beacon, no ship presence ((Damaged Stasis Pod) Ask if they can fix this).
  • “Ancient Device” event. Sector: Rock Homeworld. Normal beacon, no ship presence ((Crystal Crew) Reactivate it).

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