FTL: Faster Than Light – How to Unlock the Brood Cruiser (Multiverse FTL Only)

Hello arachnophilia pals! I will be showing you how to unlock the ftl multiverse cruiser, the brood cruiser. The brood cruiser is a ship filled with the ftl multiverse species, giant alien spiders, or G.A.S. for short.

Guide to Unlock the Brood Cruiser

Initiation Quest

To unlock this cruiser, you are going to need crew kill. As such, my weapon of choice is the page 1 Union Multiverse cruiser, since it is easily obtained and starts with a teleporter, and can handle being boarded well because of it’s upgraded doors.

To start this quest, you are going to have to go to any Union controlled sector. If you do not see any union controlled sector at the beginning and there aren’t many green sectors ahead, I advise that you restart your run because it would be hard to find the initiate sector.

The event is not guranteed for all union sectors.

You are going to be looking for a distress beacon, and it will have no ship detected if you have the long-ranged scanners. There, you will run into a ship saying that civillians should not be in the area. You should respond with option 1.

You will then have to crew kill a station full of G.A.S.. If you do to much damage to it, the ship that asked you to stop fighting the vessel, as you are doing to much damage to it. You may choose to continue, or you may choose to stop, failing the quest.

Once you have crew killed the vessel, you have to inquire about the spiders. Then, you will gain the ability to reroute to an infested sector. You will want to do this sometime before the flagship.

Carrying Out the Quest

After rerouting, you will be greeted by an EDC Guard. After talking to them, 2 markers will be added too your map, Irwin and Nest.

You will want to head to the nest beacon, where you will then want to go in yourself, choose to detonate the bombs yourself, but then the spider queen will confront you.

You will be allowed to shoot the spider queen, but DO NOT do that. It’s a double no-no, because we don’t want to have to kill the spiders because spiders are great, AND it will end the quest. Then, lower your gun. The queen will retreat. You should choose to follow her.

You will find a letter, and then a Montgomery will appear behind you. Confront him about the letter, and he will tell you some story context, before saying that you know to much and that he needs to dispose of you. Now, you have to fight a high difficulty enemy ship. You may defeat it however you like. If your crew are stronger, crew kill them. If your weapons are stronger, blow the ship up. You may even do a mix of both, which is advised, especially since it has a medbay.

Defeat it, and save the spider queen!

We Have Unlocked the Cruiser!

You will make a few clicks, and then get the spider queen to unlock the cruiser! This process will likely not work on the first try, but you’ll get it eventually!

Now, enjoy your new cruiser. Yay spiders!

And, remember, my Arachnophilia pals…

Giant alien spiders are no joke!

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