Gatekeeper – All Gatekeepers Guide

This small guide will help you to understand from short descriptions what each of the gatekeepers.

Descriptions of All Gatekeepers


Solid all-rounder that’s great at ranged on-hit effects and gets a second life.


Got gutted pretty bad, but still a monstrous melee glass cannon with a passive that makes it increase damage on hit.


Healer/ crit monster/ all rounder with some great potential for almost anything, but also is the best healer as of rn.


Stun lock monster who is literally built only to do that. He’s a melee monster with a passive that increases damage for each enemy nearby.

Tech hunter

Imo the most fun gatekeeper. Has a shotgun and can throw nades and call air strikes. Great gatekeeper for fire damage ticks and also a great all-rounder.


Hands-down the strongest gatekeeper in the game, no questions asked. The passive makes cursed artifacts a lot stronger, the third skill is genuine invulnerability, the first skill is bullet hell for your enemies, and the second skill can almost crash your game. One of the best characters but limited by certain builds since the fourth skill is kinda mid.


Imo the weakest gatekeeper but overall does a decent job at crowd control and has some cool utility with the fourth skill and it being able to block projectiles and whatnot.

How to unlock

It’s in the desert on the third floor. The following describes the location of the character, who will be in the center, and the cables that lead from him to the generator. The generators, of which there are only four on the map, must be turned on when you arrive at this spot. But you have to click in a sequential manner, not simply randomly. You will be able to open it by seeing how I depict the hints from what is there.

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