Ghost of Tsushima: Legends – The Pacifist Route Guide

I figured I’d at least pool the information regarding the routing I did for it here alongside some of the tech we’ve found for it. So here goes.

The Pacifist Complete Walkthrough

The Goal

  • Complete the raids with as little kills as possible.

First and foremost to establish something here:

What consists of a kill?

  • Simply put; a kill is anything that shows up on the scoreboard. This means enemies can die (or cease to exist if you prefer that), as long as anything that says “kills” on the scoreboard remains 0.

Now for some of the basics

There are 3 chapters, each with their own problems and each with solutions.

I’ll break this up in the corresponding chapters with the problems we encountered and solutions we’ve come up with.

Before this: The talk about the topics below are mostly about how we get past “kill gates”. Not forgotten is the constant dodging of enemies, you’re not killing anything so any place where you normally kill the base enemies in order to complete a puzzle can not be done. You constantly have to think about enemy-management. You will be hit constantly, you will have to think about when you use smoke or other skills to avoid getting hit and being able to complete puzzles.

This can be easily overlooked, but it’s arguably a very important part of the pacifist raids as well.

Act 1

The raid consists of 3 major parts that require problem solving:

  • The intro

For this you are required to put 3 crystals in place in order to progress. The crystals are gathered by killing an enemy near an “egg”. Do this twice and the egg pops, revealing a crystal.

  • The village

In order to complete the village section, you first need to clear out the village from all enemies. After which you need to kill disciples, to get their “soul”. You need to deposit 100 soul potency in order for the door to open.

  • Ascensions

The last part is where each players need to activate a challenge which limits either their movement or skills and acquire kills in order to ascend. Each challenge requires 8 kills to ascend.

These major parts also present major hurdles. These in short are:

  • 6 kills in order to pop 3 eggs
  • 20+ kills in order to clear the village
  • 10 kills minimum in order to get the soulpotency (most likely 12-14 kills accounting for soul loss)
  • 32 kills for ascensions

As of yet for 2 out of the 4 hurdles listed we have solutions, these are as follows but some tech is needed for it.

For the eggs the following has found, there are spots where you can kick/bash enemies off ledges to pop the eggs. These are shown in the following video:

The kills to clear out the village can also be circumvented with bashing or kicking them off ledges. However the ‘brutes’ that walk around cannot be thrown/bashed/pushed. There are 4 of them. To avoid these 4 kills you could use the bear technique. But beware that this can take a lot of time, and if the bear kills the enemy not by throwing him off the ledge, it will count as a kill.

After this you need to kill disciples and collect their soul. You need to deposit a total of 100 Soul “power” in order to open the door. This means that at a minimum of 10 kills are needed in order to open the door. More realistic is 12-14 due to degradation.

And there we have the wonkiest/strongest/weirdest enemy in the game: Disciples.

As stated before we need to kill at least 10 but probalby 12-14 disciples in order to open the door. This comes with a few problems:

  • The kills
  • Routing so you lose the least amount of “souls”

But before that some information on discples in the Village:

  • They have 1 HP
  • Shoulderbash kills them
  • They are unaggressive unless provoked (kicking them for minutes at a time does that)
  • They reset to their position easily
  • Can’t be moved/staggered
  • If you kill a disciple and don’t instantly walk over them, you can see the “soul”, it stays indefinitley.
  • You can collect a max of 20 soul potency, any extra are gone.
  • The moment you pick up a soul it starts to degrade. Therefor you need to be quick with getting back to the well.

Nothing we’ve found makes it possible to kill them without “killing” them.

We have found a way to force spawn disciples where we want so the path is shortest to the bloodwell:

After the village the last hurdle are the ascensions. These pose the same problem as the disciples. You have to get 8 kills doing the challenge. Times 4 means 32 forced kills.

None of the found techniques we know of work here, bears maybe work but in honest aren’t realistic.

So the two problems we have no solutions to:

  • Discples
  • Ascension challenges

If you have any information regarding this, we’d love to know.

If you do everything correct, take the time with the bears to kill the 4 brutes in the village clear, you end up with a total of 44 kills minimum

Act 2

In general chapter 2 has less problems than chapter 1, but they are none easier. The big hurdles in the raid are as follows:

  • Constant avoiding of enemies during puzzles
  • Clearing of the bloodwell
  • Completing the bloodwell challenge itself
  • The eggs after fortress gates in order to get the crystals

Of these hurdles, the bloodwell is the biggest hurdle.

Firstly there is the clearing of the bloodwell, there are a large group of enemies alongside several brutes. There are 6 brutes to take care off.

After this the bloodwell starts, the big issue with this is that 30 kills are needed in order to continue. However one big plus to this issue is that the kills can be avoided. The enemies only have to die on the bloodwell in order to count. So in theory you could reduce the number of kills you actually get.

From both spots it’s possible to kick/bash enemies into the circle and let gravity do the work, but it’s very difficult. And with the time limit it’s more difficult.

After the bloodwell the last hurdle is the eggs after the fortress gates. These require 2 kills each in order to pop them. But, a solution we found for this is that you can emote-skip past the gates you open with your sword so the enemies can’t reach you. With that, you can have other enemies throw knives at you and pop the eggs for you. This is possible for both eggs.

The Obelisk part of the raid luckily requires 0 kills. These can all be avoided. With some good enemy management for the defenders it’s doable.

The end total for kills in Chapter 2 can be as low as 30, with plenty of options to get less.

Act 3

The last chapter can be seen as the easiest chapter, but can still be tricky. a grand total of 1 kill is needed. But, to add to this, no real testing has been done with Iyo. We don’t know yet if you can kill iyo without getting the killcount. So if you have any information regarding this. Please let us know!


Avoiding Kills

Getting kills while killing can be avoided. The major way we do this is by having gravity do the work.

  • If an enemy drops to their death, a kill is not counted for the player.

The following enemies can easily be moved by players:

  • From the regular enemies, all can be moved besides the ‘brutes’ (fatties) There is a solution for brutes, as listed below.
  • From oni enemies, only the archers can moved. However, in the raid, no oni enemies are required to be dealt with
  • Disciples, ||the worst of the worst, the trauma of past, the strongest, weakest, weirdest, wonkiest enemy-type in the game, especially the village versions. ||These cannot be kicked/bashed off of ledges etc, but theres a special write up about these.

How do we let enemies drop to their death? For that we’ve come up with the following:

Shoulder bash

As described this is running into an enemy from a sprint will shoulder bash which pushes the enemy. This can be done at ledges.

Wind Katana Kick (Triangle)

This kick can push light enemies around easily and even kick them off the ledge.

Spirit Bear

The solution to fatties! Though super rough and tough to manouver and control, these fantastic cuddles can pick the fatties up, and toss them over the ledge. Meaning no kills to us!

Other Tech

Disarming Enemies

All the enemies that can be pushed/shoved/bashed or are affected by bombs can be disarmed. Shown here:

Using enemy projectiles to pop eggs

It was found out by LastLevi that projectiles thrown by enemies that cannot reach you and are not archers, are able to pop eggs. This tech requires you to not be reachable by these enemies and have them throw the projectiles. It can be a bit tedious to get them to throw where you want, but is very manageable.



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