Lust Goddess – Definitive Beginners Guide (Early Game)

This is just a bunch of info exclusive to the first week or so of gameplay.

Beginner Data Dump

Captain’s Path

Outlying Secrets / Newcomer Global Event / Regina’s Event

Chapter 1 roadmap

Chapter 2 roadmap

Chapter 3 roadmap

League Unlocks

Mercenary Unlocks

Deals & Shop

  • L27 unlock: Juggernaut (Skye epic) $$$ bundle
    • Lasts 12h, then replaced by R.A.M. (epic Yumiko)
  • Any purchase: Free Crimson Bestia (Natasha epic)
    • Goes away after a certain time/league (not sure here)
  • L25: Free Sonic Enigma (Kitty epic)
  • 99 Rare Recruitment
    • Not recommended, the Temptation Soldiers is a better deal

Top Mercs Use Cases

Non exhaustive list & not updated to new mercs or meta changes


  • Salma: reduces enemy merc attack to 1 for 1 turn on spawn, giving you a turn to handle them before they can really attack
  • Trixie: damages all mercs on spawn, can get very big very fast if she lands any kills
  • Zara: gives multi-hit to all allies when attacked, her attack steal can also be a game changer in certain leagues
  • Ivy: free poison each turn & direct commander damage
  • Billie: great tank, more so against melee, AoE on attacks
  • Skye: great tank, commander healer, commander electrocute can also take care of some enemy mercs


  • Ariane: commander nuke & enemy lane nuke (counters all but force shields & suppress)
  • O-Rinn: suppress, meat shield, buffs & solid damage
  • Beck: sheeps attacked enemies & blocks all lanes (scary damage with higher upgrades)
  • Scarlet: great tank, steals attack
  • Regina: commander heal, scaling multi-attack, solid tank
  • Faye: multi-attack to 2 allies (strong for nuke strats), buffs Syndicate


  • Lola: provider of Force Shields, has the ability to remove all enemy ranged mercs
  • Kitty: provider of Force Shields & attack buffs, also goes nicely with our newest commander (S0lt)
  • Harper: just make the enemy kill themselves, also Elusive
  • Sharon: great tank, counters a lot of ranged mercs (especially those with on-hit effects), also buffed by melee attacks
  • Florence: great support, cleanses allies, suppresses enemies, her summon heals both allied mercs & comander
  • Korben: ally HP buffer & healer, direct commander damage, also high base stats
  • Ginny: great tank & commander healer

Epic Mercenary Tier List

In the Alliance Bonuses does “For 1 day” unlock the next bonus? Or only “For 7 days”?

Alliance Upgrade have to be unlocked with alliance points. Only leaders/officers can unlock. Once unlocked then members can unlock those for either 1 day or 7 days with their points.

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