Ghostlore – How to Farm Your Ingots in Seconds (Hell Depth 1 Speedfarm)

A quick build example made to farm Hell Depth 1 for very fast ingots to help you reroll your items.

Guide to Farm Ignots Fast

Quick and Easy

This is just a skill panel and a quick explanation on my Warp spammer Hell Depth 1 farmer.

We’re using Monsoon as our main damage dealer, alongside Fireball and Thunderstorm as secondaries for cleanup.

The only requisite to make this work is to have at least 200% cast speed, preferably 250%, so you never stop casting your Warps.

You don’t actually need high crit chance, even though we have Trigger on Crit. You can sub that out for more damage if you’re still building your crit chance, as your Trigger on Movement skill will be more than enough


Your warp has 0 cooldown and does more than 1 damage, meaning you can hold down the warp buttom to quickly move through the stage and jump through obstacles, triggering all your skills and also having a chance to crit with warp itself, increasing your triggers.

You can clear Hell Depth 1 in less than 3min, getting around 10 ingots each run. Go straight for the boss. With practice and with good map rolls, you can clear in in sub 2min.

This build is not meant for higher level content, it will fail at Depths 7 and up.

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