Gloomwood – Guide to Getting Into the Fishery Tower

Please note: All credit goes to Blaz!

An easy way to get into the Fishery Tower without BS box stacking/cliff climbing jank.

How to Get Through in Fishery Tower

A Lil Hop

If You’re an item hoarding Rat like me you were probably chomping at the bit trying to get into this dumb ass tower by stacking boxes or jumping up the nearby cliff and off of the tree to no avail. well I’m here to tell you that those methods are damn stupid.

Jump on top of the rooftop where the two guards were standing in front of, from there, stick to the flat edge of the roof and jump onto the top of this door frame. afterwards, simply crouch through the hole above the door frame. The tower holds an empty revolver, and a box with a health hypo inside.

Going Down

The door cant be opened from the other side so you’ve gotta jump out the window. The fall will kill you, so jump onto the little rooftop you used to jump onto the door frame

Have fun with the paltry amount of loot and unknown amount of time saved.

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