Glory & Miserable Survivors DX – Basic Guide (Builds, Tips and More)

Written for the first map for maximum damage/gold output. Build functions on other maps, but constructs need clever arrangements to stop horses.

Guide to Basics

Quik Build

Prioritize your builds as so. Didn’t get the option with your loot? Reroll until you can, restart at ~7min in otherwise. Worth the expense and time-loss especially after some upgrades. (O) will indicate optional additions. Use if you’re crazy.

This is considering 0 upgrades.

Weapons / Armaments

Starting weapon > Area of Effect weapons > Multi-Hit weapons >

Accessory / Equipment

Pheremone > (O) Scroll of Secrets > Primal Strength > Anything else that scales your damage higher

Never pick up Goring Lance, it belongs in the trash.

Constructs / Towers

(O) Bounty Poster > Magnet >>>>> Graveyard > Poisonous Spring > (O) Brothel > Clock/Laser Tower > Audit Office > Anything else

Overall Build

Perfume > Magnet > AoE weapon (ideally sunflame cape) > Primal Strength > Constructs > Accessories > More weapons

This implies an upgrade path as well. However, shirking an area boost for Sunflame Cape for poisonous spring damage is generally a good idea as an example.

Works on all maps, best done on choke-point for gold farming.

Quik Strategy

Perfume will summon more enemies. Enemies = Experience + Gold = Happy numbers go up.

Therefore, rush perfume to max level as early as possible. However, we’re fighting against RNG. Prioritize as best as you can.


AKA Gold Farm. Everything will be sucked into the middle for death.


  1. Max-Out Perfume
  2. Set-up pit of death
  3. Max-Out Starting weapon

Good Smell is good

Pit of Death

  • Place magnet on the far-right, centered for maximum efficiency.
  • Place all of your AoE constructs nearby, ideally with gaps.
  • Pit of Death complete.

Super Pit Tip: Gravity Pendant is stupid strong here. The gravity stacks with the magnet! Pairs well with horse fence as it’ll stun enemies that get launched towards you – funny consequence of multiple sources of gravity.


The more items you take, the less new items you’ll see. The game will encourage you to upgrade what you have instead. Abuse this.

Having perfume when you only have your starting weapon will dramatically raise the odds of finding more perfume. Additionally, maxing it out removes it from the pool so more beneficial items can be found. Said sword applies to this logic as well. All starters have stupid-high DPS so I encourage you max them as fast as possible.

… the elf needs another weapon before the 2 minute boss however. Prioritize loot at your later discretion.

Last tip

Primal Strength is the most broken accessory, granting absurd critical rates to both your weapons and constructs. Before and after is night and day. It’s prioritized as a later accessory because it’s not required until ~12 minutes or you rush brothel.

Ultimate Technique – 1000 Tips

Image Section. Providing DPS for weapons utilizing the above tips…

Soon, your images.

Upgrades were removed for demonstration.

All upgrades enabled.

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