Go-Go Town! – Useful Tips and Tricks (Bugs, Issues and Gameplay)

This guide will help you fix a number of game bugs as well as more deeply understand certain game mechanics and find answers to simple questions.

Tips and Tricks

Bugs and Fixes

Fishing Bug

If you unlocked the fishing and if you try take the rod you can do nothing anymore…

Press Q to drop the rod or place it back on its stand.

The NPC Workers that I set up didn’t do any work

Just confirming the following:

  1. They have tools placed (and accessible) within the zone. (If a tool is dropped outside the zone they don’t fetch it)
  2. You have machines setup in zones
  3. You have storage placed in the zone
  4. Seems to be a user experience issue that we need to address and has been the cause of “lazy” AI in some instances.

If a storage box is placed outside the boundary markers in each zone only the player & courier will use it

Maintenance workers pick up garbage and stay stuck in one spot

Can you use F8 or Feedback back in main game menu and send this info through. If submitting it will also send us your saves so we can investigate the issue.

Have you tried unhiring the worker and putting someone new into that role.

Last option might be to give them a gentle tap with a vehicle. I saw in another post someone said they got their worker unstuck that way.

Those are temporary solutions.


How to collect all the balloons bc of the jelly?

Use your bubble gun.

Where’s the miners pickaxe?

Look for places in the mine where the wall looks cracked. Use a drill to break through those areas and open up the paths.

Where to find raw mana?

Inside the mine. Build the extractor on one of the purple spots on the ground. They don’t last forever, so make sure you go in and check on it once in a while, so you can move its empty.

Tips for optimizing farming

There’s a few things you can do.

  • Locking storage to certain item types.
  • Using the market stalls to sell off raw produce.
  • Look at your recipes on shops & see if they can use more items to get your stock down.
  • You could consider deleting a few plots (or not replant things).

You could also use the TownCo Export building which will give you tickets to spend via the Import app which you can buy more storage bins too.

Stuck on prideful sloth screen

It’s a localisation problem. Here a temporary fix:

For non english player – Go to AppData\LocalLow\Prideful Sloth\Go-Go Town! -> You’ll see options.txt. In the file change language by language=0 to set in english

Upd. This bug has been fixed by the developers. If you update now it should work for you.

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