METAL SLUG ATTACK RELOADED – Gameplay Tips and Tricks (Medals, How to Beat Chapters and More)

Warning! Here might be a large spoilers so read on your own risk.

Tips and Tricks

Medal farming

You can farm medals up to chaper 12, you can get a minimal chance afther each win to apear rare boss. During chapter 12 game will unlock emergency mission which will give medal around 1-2k and a lot of mat’.

How to set deck to counter cheap spam unit

Units with dodge seem quite good at holding the frontlines until you bring out your big guns.

You’ll can running Aisha>Vita>Dion>Navy>Allen>Beatriz>Hi-do>Shizuka>Rebel Gigant>Big Shiee and it’s been doing extremely well, just need to unlock their skills, then you can even let the game play itself without issues.

How to beat enemy spam ice laser girl

Use the white ice army 4:

  1. Shield
  2. Gatling
  3. Rocket
  4. Sniper

The best tank dodger is shizuka in the frontline and for the rest use only range units.

How to beat beat PF’s Another Story chapter 5

  • Leona rush.
  • Tank with Rita.
  • Reload support to spam Perche and madoka skill.
  • Perche when you use her special she pierce.
  • Fio (R) have laser gun that can pierce too.
  • But yes regular army is pain the other team have much easier time.

Another Story – Space Army 6 (deck suggestion)

  • Cloned Tarma Schwarz Metzelei must be T4, they do awesome dmg in mid-game.
  • Haru and Monoeye T3, Flying Core, Monoeye UFO.
  • use the Healing support.
  • Do not use Auto, keep upgrade the base.
  • Not to spawn any troops before the ghost ship launch its ability.
  • Then hit the Auto button, Schwarz Metzelei will do the job well.
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