Screw Drivers – Gameplay Tips (Missions, Chests and Fixes)

This small list of tips and fixes will help you make your gameplay much easier and better.

Tips and Tricks


Car has errors

It should tell you what’s wrong with it. Usually a part isn’t connected.

If you press X, it should tell you parts are marked red. If you return to build mode, some parts may glow red to indicate the error. In my case I removed the axles from gears to replace them with different lengths and forgot to add them back.

How to get the treasure chest south on top of the rock (At the strange tower)

There are few ways to get it:

  • You can build an arm that reached when you drive up to the rock.
  • Also use a helicopter someone had made, and lucked your way up onto it.
  • A bit to the southwest is a ramp. Launch yourself onto the rock. Press R midair as soon you are above the rock to nullify your momentum. After a few tries you should nail it.
  • Built a rock climber with 8 large dirt tires. Kept trying different approach angles and speeds until I bounced myself up onto the rock.

Transport My Stuff mission tip

There’s boxes that drop at the start after a few seconds. You have to carry them to the spot on the hill with the blue flares. You only have to carry a few of them to the spot to pass it.

Bugs and Fixes

The game crashes on the loading screen

For some users, this also happened when first launching the game. Can you try to start it again a couple of times? I know this sounds silly, but for some reason this seems to work.

Problem with the blueprint

What to do if when turning the circuit on x the motor lights up, all parts are on (double-checked)?

This bug just restart on a different machine and it will fix itself.

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