GRAVEN – Library Tile Puzzle Solution

So, you’ve survived that awful ghost and saw the puzzle in this accursed game.

How to Solve The Library Tile Puzzle

Tile Solution in bigger detail than the guide preview

No fuss or hornswogglin’ here’s the solution. No need to stick around that horrid library.

Really is weird nobody else made a guide for this puzzle, especially since the area its in is annoying.

Alright, so i got the key, where does it go?

I’m sorry. I lied earlier, you actually have to go past that stupid ghost again. You know those big doors you opened that lead back inside the library? Gotta go in there. There will probably be enemies repopulating the area. It’s the big hall, there should be a door with a phantom key sticking out of a keyhole signifying where you gotta use that key. it’s on the right, after exiting that horrid ghost room.

And your reward? A weapon! ..that uses blue mana. Sorry. Least it deals with skeletons quickly, wastes your mana quickly too.

Enjoy that new book weapon? I honestly recommend just keeping your old loadout handy.

My recommended loadout?

  1. Big Stick
  2. Magic
  3. Wrist Crossbow
  4. Rock tossing shotty
  5. Explosive brick tosser
  6. Lastly, a healing potion.

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