Guilty Gear Strive – Baiken Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons to Choose Baiken

Shortly shorts

  • (Almost) All her specials are safe on block.
  • Parry has a small window to counter.
  • Amazingly easy to play (I like that).
  • Great aerial gameplay.
  • Attaching rope is amazing! Try to to a backdash and it becomes and instant overhead!

In details

  • Short-ish but fast grounded normals. Almost everything she does feels safe on block.
  • Air normals have nasty angles, just like in Xrd. This is more important in Strive because she can blow up 6Ps, which are universally powerful anti air in this game. Basically, she can jump on people if they lack a meterless reversal.
  • Good mix, but probably needs RC to capitalize on it.
  • Good damage without setup, very high damage with setup.
  • Terrifying strike throw.
  • Parry seems bad in neutral, mostly good for punishing gaps in blockstrings. Might be good to catch people trying to mash out of pressure.
  • Tether is super abuseable and creates really nasty situations.
  • Tatami is Tatami. Doesn’t feel as strong as it was. Still a war crime, though.
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