Gunfire Reborn – How to Unlock Lei Luo Frame and Thundurous Growl Achievement

Compact yet comprehensive guide to unlocking the Lei Luo frame and Thundurous Growl achievement. Includes best Weapon, Ascensions and some additional Tips & Tricks for each Act.

Guide to Get Lei Luo Frame and Obtain Thundurous Growl Achievement


To unlock Lei Luo’s exclusive frame and accompanying achievement “Thundurous Growl”, the player has to complete the following challenge:

In solo mode, clear all 4 acts using only snipers/foundry in nightmare difficulty or above (Playing as Lei Luo).

This means that dealing damage with any other weapon type will fail the attempt! Equipping them is allowed, but be very careful! To avoid accidents from happening, I recommend only picking up snipers.

Luckily this challenge isn’t all that different from most non-melee Lei Luo playthroughs.

The biggest differences being a potentially more difficult first stage and the fact that you have to play all alone, solo…

Best Weapon

The following weapons fall under the Sniper class:

Bloody Drill, Double Caliber, Golden Bow, Goshawk, Piercing Flame, Sting, Strike Wing, Woodpecker.

When starting off, pick whatever sniper you can find. Once you get the opportunity, equip the bloody drill. This for multiple reasons:

Bullet penetration

Playing solo means that YOU are the primary target of ALL enemies at ALL times. You can avoid getting singled out by shooting enemies who are lined up, as they often tend to do when swarming. Bullets also penetrate the shields of Horseheads and Henchmen, making them very easy to deal with.

Stackable bleeding effect

10% of damage dealt will be applied as Bleeding, which deals true-damage every second for 5s, bypassing shields and armor. This effect can be stacked indefinitely and will cause the enemies health bar to literally MELT after only a couple of shots! This is amazing against Elites and Bosses.

Another advantage is that you can let low priority enemies bleed to death while you reposition yourself and move onto another target.

Large hitbox, fast bullet speed

Very easy to hit dem weak spots!

The most effective inscriptions are those that increase:

Rate of Fire, Magazine Capacity, Reload speed and Bleeding damage

Best Ascensions


(Voltaic Aegis)

  • Always choose this, it’s your primary defense mechanism, without it you risk being one shot at the later stages!

Very good

All these increase single target damage, needed to kill Elites and Bosses

(Eye of the Storm)

  • Higher weapon DMG

(Voltage Surge)

  • Higher Crit DMG

(Thunder Turbo)

  • Great synergy with Voltaic Aegis, Higher weapon DMG


(Shadow Knight)

  • Higher weapon DMG, might sometimes be difficult to keep enemies away from you when running solo.

(Magical Supply) + (Storm Blast)

  • Keep the Fatal Current streak going!

Wave Clear

(Lightning from Void) + (Thunderbolt converter)

  • These Ascensions are great for clearing normal stages but not as effective against Bosses. Nightmare stages are very manageable and Boss fights will give you the most trouble, so I would prioritize light blue Ascensions first!

Best Starting Enhancement

“+20 max shield, -50% shield recovery interval”

  • Very solid defensive enhancement because of the shorter shield recovery interval, You should probably pick this when given the choice.

“The shield will not be broken immediately after taking a shield-break damage, and the hero will be invincible for 2 seconds (CD: 180s)”

  • Despite the long cooldown this is a really good enhancement. Picking this talent will save you from a 1-hit deathblow in Boss fights, basically giving you an extra life!

“After casting Fatal Current, remove elemental effects immediately. In the next 2s, gain immunity to elemental effects and reduce damage taken by 60%”

  • Really great defensive enhancement when trying to get out of a sticky situation where you are being swarmed or taking damage from elemental effects.

“+0.3% permanent weapon damage after Crit. hit kill from more than 15m away”

  • Strongest offensive enhancement by far. In later stages this will be stacking up automatically since you will be further back. However, I’d rather go with a defensive enhancement to avoid getting killed, there are enough other ways to consistently increase weapon damage during the run.

“Start the game with a Patrimonial Sniper Rifle”

  • You are given a random Lv2 Sniper with 3 random inscriptions. There is a high chance of receiving an Exclusive one. This is a great choice when none of the above are available, especially if you are lucky and find a great Bloody Drill.

Quick Final Walkthrough

Act 1

Pick a starting enhancement and weapon from the chest, if no sniper is available it’s best to RESTART. You will waste a lot of time using the foundry. Don’t use too much money on weapon upgrades until you have found a great Sniper Rifle! (preferably Bloody Drill)

  • Deceivingly dangerous enemies: Bomber – Watch out when rushing the stage because they like to appear from around the corner!
  • Bosses: Both shouldn’t give you too much trouble

Act 2

Ideally you should have equipped the Sniper Rifle you are going to level up and complete the run with somewhere in this act. (After the boss fight is fine aswell, you will encounter enough craftsmen in Act 3 and 4)

  • Deceivingly dangerous enemies: Arsonist – Kill this guy ASAP because once he gets in range, his flamethrower will melt through your shield/HP quickly!
  • Bosses: Large Sand Shrimp – Avoid the beam attack by getting close to its mouth and dashing forward sideways once it starts firing.
  • Wind God – Equip the foundry to increase movement speed while escaping the tornadoes.

Act 3

These large, open stages make it easy to keep your distance. Just be careful of exploding lanterns swarming you, zap them down with lightning.

  • Deceivingly dangerous enemies: Monk – Make sure they don’t teleport next to you, luckily their massive heads are easy to shoot.
  • Bosses: Ship – Use the big cannon for cover when shooting the ship. Before fetching the cannonball make sure to clear some of the slowing jellyfish, then switch to the foundry for added movement speed.
  • Sea Serpent – The bleeding effect resets when the Serpent disappears under water. Most damage can be dealt by shooting the orange side of its body.

Act 4

Don’t rush. At this point you deal a lot of damage but so do the enemies, keep your distance. Monkeys will always rush you, the best way of getting rid of them is probably hip firing.

  • Deceivingly dangerous enemies: Penguin and Penguin Cavalry – Kill these guys before they get into your face, just like the arsonist their attacks can melt HP quickly
  • UFO – Take these down quickly with Fatal Current to remove the enemy shields they provide.
  • Final Boss: Sadly the drill’s bleeding effect doesn’t work in the phase where he stands still and charges up, Only thing you can do is shoot him in the face as much as possible and hope for the best!
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