Internet Cafe Simulator 2 – 100% Full Achievement Guide

Walkthrough for all achievements.

How to Obtain All Achievements

I have 100% this game in less than 12 hours.

Here is the fastest way to 100% this game.

Do not do this if you’re trying to grind out the game less than 4 hours.


  • Its simple, just do the tutorials, if you cant do this at least, uninstall.


  • Find the rabbit club, spend 100$ at the bodyguard to go inside. Back room behind bar has a poker table. Play it once. Done


  • Make sure you talk to the beggar and do his quests, sleeping causes progression of days, everyday the beggar will have a new quest, you must actually sleep to progress his missions. one of his missions he asks you to beat up a bald guy in a white tank top, just look for the guy who looks like Vin Diesel and knock him out with the baseball bat and return to the beggar to complete quest.


  • Knock some people out.


  • Crack a game using the cmd console on your PC.

Police investigation

  • Just let the police come up to you and search you, they randomly will search you in the game so dont try and instigate them, it doesnt work.


  • When you leave your apartment, there are two dumpsters straight ahead of you, look between them, Amogus.


  • Knock out a thief trying to steal from you.

Game Lover

  • EZ, just buy all the games on Steam on your PC (Steam is downloaded from the app page on your web browser in game).


  • Buy bitcoin miners and mine over 1 BTC and then go sleep in your bed.

MMO golem

  • Play warcry classic on your PC and kill a golem.

Flying Cafe

  • Another quest from the beggar (his last quest) (progression day 7 from sleeping) he needs $1,500.00.


  • Buy the Hotdog stand from your cafe site.

Free Spin

  • Buy the free spin for $2000.00 on Fruit Spin.


  • Buy/sell at least 100,000 total $ worth of crypto.


(this part is important)

  • Have $100,000, then go to sleep. It only triggered it for me by sleeping.

Note: If you need to know how to obtain the Richest achievement in detail then follow this guide.

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