Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2 – Endings Guide

There are few different endings in the Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX 2. Here is some helpful tips to get bad and true endings.

How to Get Bad and True Endings (Tips)

True Ending

There’s some sort of true ending. You’ll need to unlock hard mode and beat the hard mode game to see it.

To unlock hard mode you’ll have to collect all medals in every stage of normal mode, then go to find a secret spot located somewhere at the final stage.

Important Warning: the difficulty in hard mode is bloody brutal. To the point you’ll want to abuse cheat engine and never let it off if you did not have that sort of gameplay skill. Be ware of that.

About secret spot

Near the beginning of Hanging Gardens 2, shortly after the scenery shifts from the peaceful looking field to the shattered sky with purple crystals, search along the walls of the platform pillars. On the left side of one of the pillars/right wall of one of the pits is a hidden opening with a path leading to a door that will only open up if you have all the bonus emblems collected. See a screenshot below (the one on the right of Copen, not the left).

Note: The cutscene that unlocks Hard Mode pretty blatantly entices the player to play through it by hinting at a different outcome from the Normal Mode ending; the intro for Hard Mode even has different dialogue indicating that he was sent back outside the tower by the machine he found in the secret room before he could reach Kohaku and Mother like he does in the Normal ending.

Secret Bad Ending

Basically, TLDR on how to get:

  1. You can only get it on normal mode.
  2. After the Mother fight, instead of dashing into & saving Kohaku, damage Kohaku instead till her hitbox dissappears, then dash into her to end the game.
  3. You will notice some new stuff after the ending credits, and menu quotes are permanently affected for the save file you are using.
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