HAAK – How to Start the DLC

This simple guide will tell you how to start the DLC in HAAK game.

How Do You Start the DLC?

  1. You need to have several conversations with Yaam when you pick up abilities earlier.
  2. Complete the task of Epoch: Awakening.

After fulfilling the above conditions, reach the coordinates (-6.37) at Anytony Hill to find Yaam or a letter.

Complete the interaction, then head to the North Station to find Yaam’s shelter and trigger the plot mission!

Important: If you’ve already completed the game, just head back to Bunker 444 and take the door at -11,-12. to get to -8,-15. Then use upward thrust to break the ceiling and carry on towards the DLC stuff.

That’s all. I hope you find this article useful!

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  1. You just need to explain how you break the door. All requirements are met, and cannot access the entrance to the DLC.

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