Hades – 32 Heat Run Guide

If you are here it is because you are able to complete 15+ heat runs easily, this guide is NOT for new or beginner players. This guide is focused on players who have unlocked most of the game and want to achieve the ultimate challenge… the 32 heat run.

Guide and Tips on Completing 32 Heat Runs

Mirror of Night

Explanation of Use / Alternatives

  • Family Favorite instead of Privileged Status: Probably most of the time the enemies don’t get affiliated by 2 cure status, change if you want use a build focused in curse status.
  • Dark Foresight: We need all the posible hammer/boons.
  • Fate Persuasion/Authority: Both are great, but “Fate Persuasion is preferable if you are looking for a specific boon in a specific god.



Focus to get the boons you need:

  • Owl Pendant (Athena): Deflect
  • Overflowing Cup (Dionysus): Heals
  • Adamant Arrowhead (Artemis): Attack/Critical damage

Elysium/Temple of Styx

Defensive pendants to try dont die in final bosses:

  • Broken Spearpoint (Patroclus): Recommended in Elysium
  • Lucky Tooth (Skelly): Recommended in Temple of Styx


  • Companion Battie (Megaera): Max damage
  • Companion Shady (Sisyphus): Damage/Heals

Infernal Arms

Ranged weapons

  • Adamant Rail: Aspect of Hestia *highly recommended
  • Heart-Seeking Bow: Aspect of Hera

Melee weapons

  • Stygian Blade: Aspect of Arthur
  • Twin Fists of Malphon: Aspect of Demeter

Pact of Punishment

Explanation of Use / Alternatives

I prefer builds focused in damage/dodge, but depending on what you feel comfortable with, you can change the conditions:

  • Hard Labor
  • Lasting Consequences
  • Jury Summons
  • Calisthenics Program
  • Damage Control

Builds / Boons


Need speed and mobility to dodge the attacks of the minotaur and hades:

  • Hyper Sprint: For X seconds after you Dash, become Sturdy and run +100% faster. *highly recommended
  • Greater Haste: You move X% faster.
  • Greatest Reflex: You can Dash +X more time(s) in a row.


  • Divine Dash: Your Dash deals damage and can Deflect. *highly recommended
  • Athena’s Aid: Your Call briefly makes you Invulnerable and Deflect all attacks.


  • Strong Drink: Using a Fountain restores all Health and gives you bonus damage. *highly recommended
  • After Party: If your Health is low after Encounters, restore to the threshold.
  • Positive Outlook: Take less damage while at 40% Health or below.


  • Deadly Strike: Your Attack is stronger, with +15% chance to deal Critical damage.
  • Deadly Flourish: Your Special is stronger, with +20% chance to deal Critical Damage.
  • Clean Kill: Your Critical effects deal even more damage.
  • Hunter’s Mark: After you deal Critical damage to a foe, a foe near it is Marked.

Highly recommended: if you dont get great boons before elysium, reset and start again.

Final Tips

  • Give up option is your friend. If you dont get great boons, reset and try again.
  • Double boon rooms: Try avoid it, take too much time.
  • Shop rooms: Use it if you need save time.
  • Patience and enjoy the journey.
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