Happiness Double Room – How to Get Ending 1

This should give you a rough idea on how to get Ending 1 until I get the energy to make a proper guide.

Guide to Get Ending 1

All credit goes to RanSauce!

Things to Remember

In this guide, I won’t give a ♥♥♥♥ about what I post. Just try to understand I guess…

  1. Always make sure you get everything done before day 18 since the check is at the end of day 17, doing this guide should let you get the requirements before day 16 tho (I think).
  2. The order of importance in actions should be:
  • Vigilance to <=50
  • Happiness to 40 while making sure you keep on Chatting
  • Vigilance to 0
  • Happiness Again

Guide Proper [Rough Guide]

Day 1 and 2 do the 2 available H Scenes in any order while lowering your vigilance by selecting the chat option and morning decrease vigilance investigation, this should let you get a new H scene in day 3.

Day 3 do the new H scene and continue doing vigilance actions from here on till it gets to around 50 or 55 since the Bathroom Chicken Cleaning scene is locked behind a <=55 Vigilance check and the night alarm scene is behind a <=50 Vigilance Check.

Once you get to Vigilance <=55, the next day should give you the Bathroom chicken cleaning scene, after this event, make sure you perform the Chicken Breast H Scene asap to allow you to get the next H scene.

Once you get the H scene after the Chicken Breast, do the “First Time” Scene and then do the “Dynamic” one after, you should be able to get all of the H Scenes this way by repeatedly doing the “First Time” and “Dynamic” Scenes. Make sure while you’re doing this to also slowly lower your Vigilance to 0.

Once you get to the last H Scene (Where it lets you do the “First time), make sure to start doing Happiness Actions as the Night Time Scene is locked behind a 30+ Happiness Check, Bathroom Check at 60+(not sure) and Flirt Check at 70+. For the happiness checks, it’s the events you do at the start of the day, click the “?” option instead of the other investigate options.

Doing this should give you all the H Scenes.

Note: Be sure always check if there are any important Chat scenes while you’re doing the Happiness actions.

In all, you should be able to get these before day 18.

H Events

  • BJ 1.
  • BJ 2 = <=55 Vigilance (I think there’s a vigilance check for the first 10 days, after you can’t get it anymore.
  • TCG.
  • TJ = After doing both BJ 1 and TCG in Day 1 and 2.
  • Mission = After TJ Dynamic.
  • DS = After Mission Dynamic.
  • Spoon = After DS Dynamic.

Happiness Checks

  • Night Time = +30 Happiness.
  • Bath Time = +60 Happiness.
  • Flirt H = +70 Happiness.
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