Heroes of Spyria – All Bromide Locations

Chapter #1

  • Hiro’s Bromide 1: Hiro’s house 2F in wardrobe on right side of the house.
  • Winter’s Bromide 1: Frostbite Inn on right side in the inn room on a table.
  • Madilyn’s Bromide 1: Ruins of Shalav Temple on Crescent Island on the right side near the tablet.

Chapter #2

  • Madilyn’s Bromide 2: The Order of the Wind in the room to the right of the main chamber in a bookshelf.
  • Hiro’s Bromide 2: Pleasure Island Casino to the right of the bar on a side table.
  • Winter’s Bromide 2: Davos’ house guest room on top of a barrel.
  • Davos’ Bromide 1: Icedale Castle 2F in the dining room to the right of the throne room on a chair.

Chapter #3

  • Hiro’s Bromide 3: North of Auryn’s house on the side of the cliffs.
  • Winter’s Bromide 3: Winter’s mother’s house in her old room on a shelf.
  • Madilyn’s Bromide 3: Fort Tetryn Order of the Wind storage room to the right of the main entrance towards the bottom.
  • Davos’ Bromide 2: 3rd Seal on the right side of the main room on a skull statue.

Chapter #4

  • Winter’s Bromide 4: The Golden City residential house between two beds.
  • Madilyn’s Bromide 4: Ivalace Order of the Wind main room to the right of the desk on a shelf.
  • Hiro’s Bromide 4: Mining cave near Bredon Village.
  • Davos’ Bromide 3: Temple of the Source room on the right side.

Chapter #5

  • Davos’ Bromide 4: LEGION Fortress north of the bridge on a barrel before crossing the lava a 2nd time.
  • Hiro’s Bromide 5: The Dark Citadel 2F in the upper right on a statue of a dragon.
  • Madilyn’s Bromide 5: Realm of Bahamut in the lower left corner of the map.
  • Winter’s Bromide 5: Ivalace slums district to the north beside the inn.

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