Blade & Sorcery – How to Install Mods for U8+

A guide for downloading and installing mods for U8 or higher.

Downloading a Mod

The place most people go to for mods is Nexus Mods (

After you have made an account you should find the mod you want to download.

Go to Files and find the version of the mod that corresponds with the verison of the game you’re using.

Hit “Manual Download” then “Slow Download” and the mod will download.

Installing the Mod

After its done downloading open the file location, it will be packaged in either a zip file or a RAR file.

Open it and there will be the mod folder, this is what you’ll be putting in your game.

To find your Mods folder right click B&S in your library and click “Browse Local Files”

The mod folder is at Blade & Sorcery > Blade & Sorcery_Data > StreamingAssets > Mods.

Drag and drop the FOLDER that came with the mod, not the zip or RAR into the “Mods” folder.

And now your done!

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