Homeworld 3 – Gameplay FAQ (with Tips)

Helpful Tips for New Players

Tips for Asteroid Storm Mission

To make it faster and much less tedious.

  • You only need to move the Mothership to the evac point to win.
  • Dock all your strike crafts and keep all units hiding in the tunnel where you spawn in the beginning.
  • Move some resource collectors with your mothership to collect the debris.

How to Kill the Titan at the Mission #3?

Dealing with waves is a trap on this mission!

Groups I’m in seem to have the best luck when we rush the spires and then focus the titan down, basically ignoring any destroyers that aren’t actively in the process of killing you. Lot’s of times one of the group will get stuck by spawn absolutely swarmed while the rest of the group is pretty safe closer to where the titan warps in, then deletes it pretty easily.

How to Select Damaged (Considerable as Not Intact) Units from Current Selection?

The game has a command for it, but not tell about it in the tutorial mission. It is bound to [F3] by default. When you have two damaged units in the current selection group, pressing [F3] deselects all intact units from the selection and remains damaged units only. Then you can just press [D] to dock to repair them.

What to Do with the Salvaged Carriers at the Start of the Naraka Gate Mission?

Nothing, they are highlighted as salvage, but you cannot interact with them. They are part of the story and will be used as story element in the next mission. Slight tip, try to get out of mission 8 with as many ships as possible, you will need them.

How to Skip Intro Movies?

If you want to reduce the loading time when playing intro clips, rename the following folder (or delete it):

Steam\steamapps\common\Homeworld 3\Homeworld3\Content\Movies\Intro

Destruct Sequence Alpha-One achievement (How to scuttle)

Important Note: You can obtain this achievement in War Games only, not in campaign. Maybe it works in skirmish.

So you need do this steps:

  1. Run War Games offline in single
  2. Find a Unit
  3. Press Alt + Right Mouse on the unit – it will open the context menu
  4. Under the “Orders” tab select the last option “Scuttle”

Waypoints Guide

  1. W to open movement disc.
  2. Move mouse to first destination.
  3. Shift to initiate waypoint mode. If Shift was used to find first destination (you changed vertical planes), release Shift and press it again to initiate waypoint mode. Do not move mouse while holding Shift as this will revert waypoint mode back to the movement disc.
  4. Shift + RMB to place first waypoint.
  5. Move mouse to second destination.
  6. Shift to initiate waypoint mode. If Shift was used to find second destination, release it and press it again to initiate waypoint mode (again do not move mouse).
  7. Shift + RMB to place second waypoint.
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